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Super Hot Rep Jesse Sorenson of Icelantic Skis

Icelantic Skis – Handmade in Colorado

Icelantic Skis - Handmade in ColoradoIcelantic Skis are a sight for sore eyes and so is Midwest Rep Jesse Sorensen.  These skis ride great and look great – it’s easy to find the rhythm of life floating on Icelantic.  With Icelantic World Headquarters based in the Battery 621 building in Denver, CO it’s evident they chose a great locations.  HQ is positioned close to their manufacturing facility (Never Summer Snowboards Factory) and Summit County (A Basin, Copper, Breck, & Keystone).


Icelantic Skis - Josh StackQuality handcrafted skis are hard to come by; but with a 2 year warranty and a rocking pro team you know Icelantic prides itself with durable skis that take a beating from the best in the industry.  Now, imagine a snowboarder repping for a ski company, that’s where Jesse Sorensen comes into play.  There isn’t a ski company in the world that could persuade a snowboard to rep their line – that’s not true for Icelantic Skis.  With a backbone of steel and niche focus keeping Icelantic core,  that’s why and how Jesse made the move.  “I never imagined repping for a ski company, but Icelantic has the best skis the world has to offer, I couldn’t resist.” says Jesse.

Icelantic makes skis for every type of riding, from the park to the sidecountry, they do it all.  So there you have it, Icelantic makes the best skis the world has to offer – even a snowboarders can’t resist.  Maybe that should be their new tag line.

Boom Bam Icelantic Skis

1.  Icelantic Skis – Shaman Skis

2. Icelantic Skis – Da’Nollie Skis

Riding picture courtsy of Icelantic Skis – Rider Josh Stack


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