How To: Build a Quiver of Snowboards

Hmmmm…, which board to ride today? In a perfect world, you’ve got multiple snowboards, and each one is specialized for different conditions and terrain. That doesn’t mean you have to buy a fistful of boards at once, but as you collect boards over the years, think about the various components of the perfect quiver. Like a powder board for deeper days; a freestyle board for hitting up the park and pipe, and jibbing around on groomers; and an all-mountain stick for riding the steeps, dropping cliffs, and thrashing the trees. Then there are all-mountain freestyle boards they say can do it all, and splitboards for the backcountry.

What to do? If you are starting off with one board, get something that’s versatile enough to handle everywhere you want to ride. Maybe that’s a freestyle/pow-friendly hybrid like Burton’s Sherlock. Or Rossignol’s One Magtek for a more all-mountain machine. Likewise Rome’s Agent is about as versatile as they come. Some say these boards are quiver killers; consider them options for going on a shred trip where you can only take one board to slay it all.

But specialized boards are made for a reason, and if you mix the right deck with the right conditions and/or terrain the payoff is huge. Pair up Ride’s Slackcountry with a deep powder day and you’ll never want to ride hard snow again. The K2 Gyrator will have you singing similar praises in the white room. But if you do go back to the hard stuff, Lib Tech’s TRS C2BTX kills it in the park and makes every roller a hoot. As does Forum’s Destroyer Chillydog. These are but a few of the possibilities, boards worth a slot in the quiver. Maybe you can’t have it all… yet. Build a wish list, and think about the possibilities.

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