Ride Slackcountry Snowboards

Ride Slackcountry Snowboards In Stock At The House Boardshop. The Mens Slackcountry Snowboard from Ride is no slouch when it comes to performance. Another addition to the UL (Ultra Light) series, it has the Thin Con construction, Pop glass, UL Steel and 90A Slime walls which converge to create one of the best powder snowboards on the market. If you are looking for a board that will swallow powder like a whale eating krill, look no further, the Slackcountry is here. The House Boardshop, killin' the pow since 1982.

Ride Slackcountry Snowboards

Size: 164cm, 168cm
Reg: $469.95 On Sale: $351.95
Size: 161cm, 164cm, 168cm
Reg: $699.95 On Sale: $419.97
Size: 168cm
Reg: $699.95 On Sale: $454.95
Size: 162cm (W)
Reg: $469.95 On Sale: $351.95
A Word from Ride Snowboards:
Rider-Focused Technology: Design Innovation for Individual Style.
Every board, binding and even boots in our line has been designed with one idea in mind: individuality. Look closely and you will see the good times, headaches, high-fives and hangovers that went into designing every last product and feature to focus on specific Rider styles and needs. So we proudly release to you the entire line of Ride Snowboard product. Be selective and find the stuff that best fits you and the way you want to run your style.

This is our most rider focused, style-driven line to date. We have covered a lot of ground here. But in all reality only you can define your style. Music, art, friends, movies. Whatever it takes, draw from what you will. Get inspired, gear up and make something that is yours alone.

Ride has been at the forfront of progression for snowboard construction, design, features, and Rideability.
(Taken from www.ridesnowboards.com)

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