Dan Meyer, the Chemical Engineer behind Fast Wax, has perfected something many snowboarders and skiers should use more, the steel wax brush.  Steel brushes are generally used to clean out and prepare snowboard and ski bases for waxing.  In the process of removing wax and debris steel brushes can damage the base, structure, and create unwanted structure patterns if applied in an incorrect manner.  After years of prototyping Dan has designed a flawless steel brush with long length microscopic diameter bristles named simply, the Superfine Steel Brush.

Our Board Technician Guf has put the Fast Wax Superfine Steel Brush to use and is amazed at its versatility.  The Fast Wax brush can remove wax without worries of damaging the base and it can be used as the first finishing brush after scraping.

Don’t be surprised when you see your favorite pro’s Wax Technician using the Fast Wax Superfine Steel Brush in the starting area at the X Games, Grand Prix, and Olympics.  Once the word spreads about the Fast Wax Superfine Steel Brush everyone will be fighting to get one.



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