Burton Mystery Snowboard

  Burton Mystery Snowboard    Straight form the Craig Kelly Proto Facility the Mystery is said to be the lightest board Burton has ever made.  Only a hand full of people really know whats in side the Mystery, so we  can only assume that the core is fill with Fairy dust or perhaps,  unicorn tears filtered through diamonds. Why else would it be so light? Well, enogh about what [...]

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2013 Burton Custom Snowboard Review

2013 Burton Custom Snowboard The Burton Custom is the one board to rules them all. Packed with all of the best additives (Such as: Sintered WFO base, Squeezebox Tech, Lightening Bolt, Frostbite Edges and Pro-Tip) this board will out perform just about any other board on the market.  If you love the precise ride of camber this is your board, but if [...]

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2013 Ride Machete GT Review

2013 Ride Machete GT The Ride Machete GT is an aggressive all mountain freestyle board built for going big. With Carbon Array 5™ and the new Popwalls™ this board is built to maximizing response, grip and stability. Ideal for all those hard charges. The Machetas also features Ride's NEW Hybrid LowRize™ rocker in the tip and tail  with a small camber zone between the feet. [...]

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Burton Barracuda Overview

The Burton Barracuda, now in its second year, is an all-mountain free-riding board recommended for intermediate to advanced riders. Built for speed on both powder and cliffs, its S-Rocker technology allows you to easily float atop the powder at higher speeds while remaining responsive in the hard pack. Nug Raduction allows you to take as [...]

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2013 Burton Barracuda Snowboard Review

2013 Burton Barracuda Snowboard The Burton Barracuda might be the most perfected all mountain freeride snowboard on the face of the planet. The Barracuda can be downsized 2-3 cm from normal length because of Nug Raduction, the slightly tapered tail floats in pow, and the S-Rocker profile is a combination like no other.  The Burton [...]

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2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard Review

2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard The 2013 Ride Buckwild Snowboard is the go to deck for the 2012 Winter Dew Tour Slopestyle Champion, Sebastien Toutant.  The Pop Rods® 2.0, Slimewalls®, and Carbon Array 3 combination adds a smooth feel and unreal pop.  The Ride Buckwild creates fluid lines and has massive pop that you'll never forget. [...]

Burton Freebird – Product of the Week

    Burton Freebird Snowboarding has always been about creative thinking and freedom of expression.  Why let ski resorts tell you where you can and cannot ride?  Step out of bounds and seek adventure on the Burton Freebird splitboard. Walk out of your backdoor and trek up that peak you've been dreaming of slashing for [...]

Burton Super Hero

This  Burton board packs a lot of tech into a smaller package. It features Nug reductions allowing you to ride this board 4 to 5 cm shorter then your normal board. It is also built with Squeezebox and Jumper Cables giving you tons pop while still providing you with a soft and forgiving flex. Unlike [...]

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