2011 Liquid Force Delux Wakeboard Review

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New this year to Liquid Force line is the 2011 Deluxe Wakeboard, the new board I worked on with Kevin Henshaw. Kevin Henshaw started off on our FLX, ripping on rails and powering through parks. But, you know, he also wanted a board that allowed him more control and more performance behind the boat and that’s where we came up with the deluxe. We took the hybrid technology, the hybrid construction inherit in the Flex and incorporated into a board with more bottom features for performance you can show behind the boat and at the park. Now, again, with the hybrid technology, it features a see in seed core with a triple stringer. You can see the stringer right through the graphic. And, this board is rounded out with our liquid rail sidewall. Super durable, and giving you an unreal bond on the material so that this board holds together. We glass it with tri-x glass so it gives the board a lot of flex, response, rebound and pop. The base of Kevin’s board features a single concave through the center, and edge channels for control and hold. This all flows through a big center slot and a real thin tip profile so the board has a lot of flex out at the ends. Kevin’s board comes in 139 and 143.


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