2011 CWB Faze Edge Wakeboard Review

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This is the all-new 2011 CWB Faze, and this is a great package for guys getting out there and getting ready to start riding, and taking all their buddies too. Part of that is because it’s got four molded-in fins, and a nice center fin. You can actually ride it without the center fin if you want, but as a beginner leave it on there so you get some more traction. If you get a rough water day, you can use the fin to help you track across the water. We use a big center spine in the middle here, pushes the water out, gives you a really really soft landing. This is a real clean bottom design so it’s nice and fast, so you’ll be able to approach the wake with more speed, and it will help you get air a lot easier. The other cool thing about this board is that it comes with the Edge boots.

The all new CWB Edge Wakeboard boots are real nice, it’s has the hinge systems that opens up and is super easy to get your foot into. One set of laces for easy adjustment. It’s a great boot if you want to put all your buddies in, too – you can get up to a size 15 in this boot. It’s got a solid EVA toepiece instead of some of the floating toepieces out there, so it’s more supportive, and it’s a great inexpensive boot that that you can put on the Faze and rock it on the lake.


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