The Vans Chima Pro 2 is Chima Ferguson’s second pro model shoe, made with sturdy canvas uppers and leather details. At first, these shoes have great support and grip to the board, but after skating them for a few weeks they will begin to fall apart, a pretty inevitable fact with any shoe. To begin these are some of the most broken in shoes straight from the box I’ve worn. This helps because there is little to no break-in period, so you’re able to comfortable skate them instantly. Forget about heel bruise, these shoes come with Vans UltraCush™ 3D insoles that have 3 different densities of foam, to keep your feet protected from impact. Every skater knows that they are going to shred through the canvas, it is bound to happen, however, Vans is also aware of this, and in order to combat it, they have used their DURACAP™ Technology, which is a rubber layer under the canvas so you don’t rip through to the foot. The traditional WAFFLECUP Sole gives you maximum grip and flexes in the Outsole.

I would rate these shoes an 8/10, they are pretty great and I would definitely buy them again, but they do have some flaws like poor laces that will rip pretty quick, but Vans knows this and they supply you with a spare pair. However, they do appear to have some pretty weak stitching that seems to fall apart after skating for a few weeks. I would recommend this shoe to anyone who hates breaking in shoes but, with this, you do get a shorter lifespan than a stiffer shoe. They become pretty soft after a while, so if you enjoy a softer shoe then I would say these are a great choice. The sturdy canvas provides some extra support and helps to prevent heel lift. Once again these are a solid all around shoe, and I would definitely skate them again.


Calvin G.

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My name is Calvin Green, I grew up in Houlton, WI. I started getting into skateboarding around 5 years old then when I finished kindergarten my parents bought me a skateboard. This was where my love for boards sparked. Snowboarding came pretty soon after that, I had seen it on TV and instantly knew I wanted to get into it. I Started on a board with plastic edges and bindings but after a season of riding that I begged my parents relentlessly into buying me a real snowboard. Finally the fall of 4th grade had come around and the badgering had paid off because my parents were game to get one. I Started taking lessons at Trollhaugen that winter and I instantly fell in love with it. I now work on the park crew at Trollhaugen and spend much of my winter riding there.

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