Bright Colors Are In!

Head Back to School Looking More Vibrant than Ever


Fashion is constantly changing. One day, a trend is in and the next that style might be hated by everyone.  It’s an ever changing thing, and it’s good to stay on top of the trending patterns so you can stay, you know, “hip!” Let’s talk about hues and tones. Dark colors have been around forever and will always be fashionable, but a certain type of clothing has resurged itself in the mainstream! Bright colors! That’s right! Dust off your old school neon shirts, shoes, coats, and pants because they are back! People express themselves with their clothes, and bright colors give off a lively personality and a flamboyant mind! So why not express yourself this way with your clothes? Now, this isn’t to say that dark colors are bad; they are great! You should wear clothes that you are interested in and that represent you. Don’t be afraid to wear anything you want. The world is your oyster, so go out and take the pearl! But, also, check out the bright color trend below.

Men’s Burton Barcelona T-Shirt



Men’s 32 – Thirty Two Double T-Shirt


Wear the sun on your back with these sick t-shirts in flaming red colors. Comfortable and bright, these tees are perfectly on trend.

Men’s Burton Chino Pants



Women’s Burton Surplus Pants


Pants on fire, am I right? These warm-hued pants are sweet for the bright trend.


Women’s Burton Quartz Pullover Hoodie


Burton Big Kettle Backpack


Green is gold. Feel fresh and clean with these takes on cool green.



Men’s New Balance Numeric PJ Stratford 533 Skate Shoes


Men’s Adidas Crystal 3.0 T-Shirt


Blue is never not in style. Dress blue in head-to-toe and you’ll be feeling good.



Women’s Roxy Relay Capri Leggings



Women’s Van’s Old Skool Shoes



Burton Roe Crew Sweatshirt


End the rainbow with a pink pop. The technicolor Nikes and the Burton sweatshirt are perfectly on trend.

And that’s how you rock bright colors. Step into the school year with a fashion-forward attitude, and you’ll be the coolest kid around.

Shine bright like a diamond.





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