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Back to School Essentials

A Guide to This School Year’s Trends

I don’t mind going back to school for a couple of reasons. For one, my brain can stop being dazed and confused and can start becoming more articulate. Like, this summer I caught myself asking how to spell three letter words. It happens when I’m watching flimsy summer movies (there’s literally a movie about emojis, and no, I have not seen it, but you may, and I may pity you) instead of reading a dense textbook.  Another reason why I’m all about the back to school vibe is the new wardrobe I splurge on so that I feel fresh and ready to tackle all of my classes and activities. Thus, I feel it necessary to put together some of my favorite pieces for this coming school year.

Here are some #OOTD inspirations that will help you commence.

Also, #OOTD stands for #OutfitOfTheDay just to clarify. Okay. Carry on. 


For Da Boyz 

(Can’t believe I just said that)

First Day Freshness

Neff Battlekat T-Shirt [$19.95]

Burton Mid Fit Denim Shorts [$26.95]

Vans Authentic Shoes [$50.00]



This outfit is laid back with an edgy twist. The tiger on the Neff tee will draw people in, and, with a subtle nod, you’ll be known as the cool kid. Burton’s denim shorts are made to move with a relaxed, stretch fit that will keep you sane the entire school day. And what’s better than a fresh pair of Vans? Not a lot, really. The Vans Authentics  are classic kicks that not only make your feet happy but your heart content as well.



Chill Fall Day

Quiksilver Keller Hoodie [$55.00]

Volcom Vorta 5 Pocket Slub Pants [$65.00]

Nike SB Air Max Bruin Vapor Skate Shoes  [$100.00]

Autumn brings a wee bit of chill along with it, which makes it perfect hoodie weather (also great weather for Netflix marathons). The Quiksilver Keller Hoodie is crafted with the world’s finest and strongest fabrics to ensure that you will be warm and cozy. With the Volcom pants, I picked the Keller hoodie in the Tarmac blend to keep the tones cool. And to pull it all together, slip the Nike SB Air Maxes (in sequoia & white color) onto your feet and you’ve got the ideal #OOTD.


Skate Date

Analog PLA Perspectives T-Shirt [$24.95]

RVCA Balanced Solid Shorts [$41.95]

Adidas Gonz Pro ADV Skate Shoes [$65.00]

Want to feel the best so you can do your best? Perform masterfully in this skate outfit with a sick Analog tee,  RVCA sport shorts, and Adidas skate shoes. The look has a 90’s flair that puts you right on trend without going overboard, so go ahead and step into the skate park with confidence because you’re certain to impress someone (hopefully someone other than your mom).


For Da Girlz 

(I said it again. Ugh.)


First Day Feels

RVCA Sucker Punch 2 Swing Dress [$33.95]

Vans Old Skool Shoes- in Drizzle/True White [$55.00]

Stay classic and comfortable in this RVCA swing dress. With a flowy fit and nearly hidden pockets, the dress is 100% the right choice for your first day back. I personally have this, and I often throw a jean jacket over it to complete the look. Paired with the Vans Old Skool kicks, the #OOTD is casual and cool.


Sweater Weather 

Patagonia Lightweight Better Sweater Marsupial Pullover Fleece [$119.00]

Burton Lorimer 5-Pocket Jeans –in Eclipse [$38.95]

Reef Walled Low Shoes- [$34.95]

As soon as the leaves begin to change, so do our wardrobe needs. We swap shorts for pants and tanks for sweaters as we become one with the wind and rain (and potential snow). When the chill approaches, having this 2018 Patagonia Better Sweater  is nearly mandatory. Patagonia’s latest release is even more magical than previous Better Sweaters, and that is astounding. Slip into the Burton jeans  and Reef casual shoes to construct the loveliest lazy look of all time.


Sk8ter Girl

RVCA Pehrson Balance T-Shirt- in White [$18.95]

Burton Standard Issue Shorts- in True Black [$26.31]

Vans Sk8-Hi Slim Shoes- in Canvas True White [$60.00]


Emphasize your skate game with a pumped up look that anneals your seriousness.  In a basic RVCA tee and a sleek pair of Burton shorts, you’ll be at ease and ready to soar. And the shoes: genius. I am obsessed with the Vans Sk8-Hi kicks! I myself have them in true white, and I think I could totally win the “Whitest Sneakers” Dundie award. If you understand that reference, we can be friends. If not, watch “The Office” on Netflix and then I’ll reconsider. Anyway, the shoes are my favorite pair that I currently own, and that is saying a lot coming from someone with a shoe obsession.

Ready to write essays and raise your hand before you speak? I didn’t think so, but at least you’ve got some cool #OOTD ideas to get you somewhat prepared for that. Shop all of our Back to School sale items here if you want to keep the fever running.  Smart savings means smart brains, I think. May this school year bring you peace and joy, and most importantly, may you survive.

Stay kind. Keep cool.




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