Continuing to clime the popularity ladder, stand up paddle boarding is becoming a regular site across the country. From oceans to rivers to city lakes, the sport is accessible, fun, a good workout and perfect for any level of fitness. Keeping you afloat in watersports since 1982, we’ve put together a list of our top paddle board brands.

But before you start shopping, consider the type of SUP that best fits your needs. Would you use your board more for family recreation, a one-size-fits-all board, or use it for something more specific, like yoga, fishing, or fitness? Also consider the type of water that you might use it the most — river, lake or ocean.

  1. BICBIC Sport has become the leading expert for water sports. A benchmark manufacturer in the demanding surf market, it was only natural for BIC to enter the world of stand up paddle boards (SUP). They’ve done a killer job of offering a broad range of SUPs for various styles – recreation, racing, surfing and touring. Simplicity and accessibility are the driving forces behind stand up paddle boarding’s success – and BIC has mastered products for all paddle boarding endeavors.
  2. Starboard – A tiki is the iconic symbol on every Starboard stand up paddle board. It stems from the ancient, fun-loving godking of water and waves – the legendary Inca sun god Tiki Vichara. Starboard is always on the cutting edge of technology making some of the lightest and strongest boards on the market. They’re also into color and fun, which is apparent on their SUPs.
  3. Surftech –  Randy French, surfboard and sailboard shaper, founded Surftech in 1989. He developed a revolutionary way of building surfboards and offered his new technology to some of the best shapers and surfers on earth. Surftech has a true, personal connection to their years of experience, development and feedback. Not too long after the birth of Surftech, they locked in a brand changing, world class international factory. It matched Surftec’s commitment to excellent, providing unparalleled capabilities, strong environmental awareness and unmatched craftsmanship.
  4. Imagine – Since 2006, Imagine has been building a balanced line of versatile, affordable, durable and great performance boards. Founded by a passionate group of paddlers and surfers, Imagine is all about exploring on the MBK178_01water, having fun and increasing paddle boarding’s accessibility. Heck, their moto is “We make paddle boarders.”
  5. JP Austraila – Named after Jason Palakow, the former wave surfing world champion and the figurehead of the brand, JP Australia is a first-class, high-performance brand for windsurfing boards. Stand up paddle boards became a natural extension of the brand and allows JP Austraila to build boards for various waterman. Palakow is decorated with medals including two world titles and has been the driving force behind his brand since 1997. The boards are legit!

Still undecided? Shop our full list of paddle boards.

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