Good news for snowboarders: winter is coming. And if you’re into innovation, reliability, and adventure, chances are you’re a fan of Burton snowboards. Burton has been constructing the greatest snowboards since 1977 with the help of world champions and leaders in the sport. They know their craft, and they have proven that the past 30 years. This year is no exception for Burton boards in all categories. At the House, we’ve selected our favorites from this year’s release to make your choice that much easier for you. Keep scrolling to find your board baby (I’m not calling you baby, I’m saying that as a snowboarder, the board is your baby.) 


Burton Flight Attendant Splitboard- Men’s


Surge down steep chutes and stacked pillow lines to take flight with our hardest charging, deepest diving splitboard.

Story behind the graphics: Step into the digital jungle with LA-based artist Jonathan Zawada’s colorfully pixelated take on tropical plant life – a dark yet playful graphic, perfect for the ultra-expressive Flight Attendant.


Burton Custom Wide Snowboard- Men’s


Often imitated, never outdone – the most trusted and versatile all-terrain board you’ll ever find. Featured in two versions, the precision and stability of the Custom camber is the top choice for many pro riders, while the Custom Flying V™ combines camber’s power with the relaxed float of rocker.

Story behind the graphics: Riding the Custom series is kind of like stepping into another dimension. We took that metaphor to heart with this year’s spacey and mysterious nod to sacred geometry, a graphical play on the Custom’s otherworldly potential. 


Burton Trick Pony Snowboard- Men’s


For park riders who also love pow, the Burton Trick Pony pushes your abilities into natural terrain with a unique shape and feel that’s seriously unlike anything else in the Burton lineup.

Story behind the graphics: If Mother Nature had a bender with a skate-inspired cartoon, you’d get Burton in-house artist Maris Turner’s Trick Pony graphic. Equal parts hippy and hood rat, it’s a perfect look for this tweaked out take on all-terrain freestyle. 


Burton Talent Scout Snowboard- Women’s 


A step up in pro-driven attitude from the Deja Vu, its camber profile gives riders the power, control, and finesse to thrive on all terrain. Become obsessed with the board’s natural flex and edge hold for buttery smooth control.

Story behind the graphics: Inspired by a beautiful floral bouquet, the Talent Scout’s graphic makes a strong statement fitting of this freestyle masterpiece.

Burton Story Board Snowboard- Women’s


Control, versatility and confidence are key themes for the Storyboard. A women’s-specific core profile complements the directionally cambered shape and 10mm of taper with torsional flex that drives and floats through turns on groomers and deep days alike.

Burton Lip-Stick Snowboard- Women’s 


More playful than the Feelgood and an upgrade in performance over the Socialite, the Lip-Stick and its Flat Top™ Bend offers the forgiving freedom and stability to take on any terrain or condition.

Story behind the graphics: Parisian artist Francoise Nielly is a master of color and light, bringing her subjects to life with a vibrant and dark style. Her Lip-Stick graphic adds dark beauty and vibrant expressive highlights to this board’s powerful freestyle performance. 

F E A T U R E    F O C U S


Introducing the Deep Thinker & the Free Thinker

                                          [$579.95]                                                     [$579.95]

Danny Davis and  artist and skateboarder Mark Gonzales are undoubtedly on the same wavelength here. “Two unique boards, the Deep Thinker and the Free Thinker,  boasting brand new art from Mark Gonzales, and two designs tuned specifically to the taste of Danny Davis.” This design story is just stellar, and I suggest you check out the whole narrative here.  The Davis and Gonzales collaboration is not only beautifully original; it has also produced some of the greatest crafted boards of the year.

Yep, I am personally obsessed.


So, as you can clearly see, Burton is not disappointing anyone this year. They’ve constructed boards for every style, and their efforts truly pay off. Also, let’s take a moment and acknowledge that all of Burton’s boards are made in a extremely environmentally conscious manner. “All the wood in these snowboards has been approved by The Forest Stewardship Council, ensuring that it has the least possible impact on our planet’s forest habitats. Furthermore, they use Burton’s Super Sap® Epoxy, a board resin using bio-based materials for a 50% reduced carbon footprint.” Now that is a turn on, is it not?

Pick what prides you, and go ride. Check out our full line of Burton Snowboards.

Enjoy the season, folks.




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