Top 5 Women’s Park Snowboards of 2019

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For all you ladies hitting up the terrain park, we’ve rounded up our Top 5 Women’s Park Snowboards of 2019. To help you show those park rats who’s boss! We’ve selected decks from Capita, Burton, Ride, GNU, and Arbor Snowboards, to help you narrow down your choice and find your ideal shredder. Each of these snowboards was specially designed to optimize your park experience and help you to reach your full potential. Boasting impressive design and even more impressive performance, you’re sure to enjoy shredding on these decks for years to come. So grab your favorite pair of women’s snowboard bindings and lace up your snowboard boots, winter is coming.

Capita Birds of a Feather Women's SnowboardCapita Birds of a Feather

While this snowboard is incredibly lightweight, don’t be mistaken, it’s also a very heavy duty build. Coming in at a medium flex this board is soft enough to handle the impact and wear and tear that accompanies park riding. While still being stiff enough to hold up at higher speeds, accompanied by the high-end speedy sintered base. The hybrid build of this snowboard helps it to perform like an all-mountain ATV when you diversify the conditions you ride in. However, this women’s deck is primarily camber which provides the rider with great edge hold, amazing speed, and sufficient shape to lock on to rails. Enjoy all Capita snowboards has to offer on the Capita Birds of a Feather.

Shape: Twin
Profile: All-Terrain V2 Profile-Camber
Flex: 5/10
Stance: Centered
Core: FSC Certified Poplar and Beech wood
Fiberglass: Special Blend Fiberglass Magic Bean Resin
Base: Sintered
Edge: Steel Edge

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Burton Talent Scout Snowboard

Get the pop you want and the speed you need to face any challenge in the park. Lap the rope and show off your talents, on the Burton Talent Scout women’s snowboard. Lock onto rails with ease on one of the best women’s cambered snowboards on the market. While this deck shines in the park, it also performs well all over the mountain. Pro-tip provides easier turn initiation, the crazy fast sintered base sends you zooming full speed ahead, and the Channel system on the deck lets you find your ideal stance, pair it with Burton EST women’s snowboard bindings for maximum board feel. This aggressive ride is ready for you hard-charging ladies to jump in the driver’s seat and GO!

Shape: Asymmetrical Twin
Profile: Camber
Flex: 5-8/10
Stance: Centered
Core: FSC Certified Super Fly II 700G Core: varied lighter or stronger woods
Fiberglass: Women’s Specific Triax
Base: Sintered
Edge: Off-Axis Frostbite Edges

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Ride Saturday Women's Snowboard

Ride Saturday Snowboard

If only every day was Saturday. Enjoy some late night weekday shred sessions on the Ride Saturday women’s snowboard, and treat every day like it’s the weekend. This twin tip, hybrid deck is a true park shredder, made for the ladies who hit the mountain whenever they can. With a durable wood blend core, 50% more steel and a top of the line base, this shred stick will be the favorite in your quiver, for years to come. The medium flex on this women’s snowboard is responsive enough for the park but reliable enough for landings off jumps.

Shape: Twin
Profile: Hybrid Early Rise Rocker
Flex: 5/10
Stance: Centered
Core: Aspen, Bamboo and Paulownia
Fiberglass: N/A
Base: Sintered
Edge: Standard Steel Edge

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GNU Gloss Women's Snowboard

GNU Gloss Snowboard

This heavy-duty, US made, uniquely designed snowboard is ready to join your quiver and shine! The hybrid shape provides a diverse ride and the mellow flex is perfect for shredding in the park. The extruded base makes for a low-maintenance, easily fixed ride. Magne-Traction technology allows you to have a confident grip on the snow, even in icy conditions. Made in the USA, GNU is one of the few brands that makes a large emphasis to keep jobs in the states and to incorporate environmentally friendly elements into their processes. Take this women’s snowboard all over the mountain or impress your friends in the terrain park, either way, you’re sure to have a blast!

Shape: Directional Twin
Profile: Hybrid: Elliptical Camber/Rocker/Elliptical Camber
Flex: 4/10
Stance: Centered
Core: Aspen and Paulownia
Fiberglass: N/A
Base: Sintered
Edge: Magne-Traction

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Arbor Cadence Rocker Women's Snowboard

Arbor Cadence Rocker Snowboard

Treat the mountain like your own personal playground on this floaty park snowboard. With a twin shape and medium stiffness, this deck is perfect for landing switch off rails with ease. While the rocker profile of the deck is easy going and forgiving. Whether you’re new to snowboarding or an advanced rider looking for something that’s a little more mellow, the Arbor Cadence Rocker women’s snowboard is a great pick to switch up your camber heavy quiver. The extruded base is easy to fix for those hitting rails and low maintenance for waxing when you’re just starting out.

Shape: Twin
Profile: Rocker
Flex: 5/10
Stance: Centered
Core: Sustainably grown Poplar
Fiberglass: Biax
Base: Extruded
Edge: Grip-Tec

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