Top 5 Fun Shaped Snowboards of 2019

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Whether you’re surfing the white wave, taking laps for your best time at your local banked slalom, or just looking to add to your snowboard quiver this season this list is here to help. Our Top 5 Fun Shaped Snowboards of 2019 consists of decks that might seem weird or funky but offer tons of fun for a specific rider looking to get a distinct performance and ride out of their deck. We’ve chosen some boards from Burton, Jones, Capita, Rossignol and Lib Tech, to premiere some of the more strange and detail-oriented shapes and performance enhancing decks that are available today. Don’t let the unique shapes steer you away, they offer plenty of good times and all-mountain fun that can provide you with seasons of unparalleled riding!


2019 Burton Speed Date 

The 2019 Burton Speed Date Snowboard is new to Burton’s Family Tree Collection this year. This deck offers a directional shape and directional camber profile which puts a predominate camber profile from the tail to the outside of your front binding and a rockered section in the nose to help with turn initiations and float in deeper snow. The special trick to this board is the 45° Carbon Highlights that are laid in the nose and tail of this deck while a true triax laminate lays in the center, giving this deck a great edge hold and turning radius while still remaining a little softer underfoot. The Burton Speed Date is finished off with a recycled WFO Sintered Base for fast turns and a lot of wax absorption the was meant to be a true banked slalom racer that will leave you first at the finish line with some time to kill.

Shape: Directional
Profile: Directional Camber
Flex: 7/10
Stance: Setback 2.5cm
Core: FSC Certified Dragonfly 600G
Fiberglass: 45° Carbon Highlights
Base: Sintered
Edge: Standard Steel Edge

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2019 Jones Storm Chaser

The 2019 Jones Storm Chaser Snowboard wants you to ignore the winter storm advisory and load up the rig to get the first chair. The Storm Chaser comes with a swallowtail directional shape and a Christenson Surf Rocker Profile for a true surfboard inspired to ride the deep snow. As if the rockered shape and swallowtail was not surfy enough, Jones added its Spoon 4.0 base beveling in the nose and tail to allow this deck to duck and dive in deep powder and on the groomed trails as well. A bamboo surf core makes the Storm Chaser durable, with tons of energy underfoot to keep the surf-like mentality in all aspects of this boards core. All laid on top of a sintered base of course, for fast laps and a porous base and you’ve got a set up ready to tackle all storms that come your way.

Shape: Directional
Profile: Rocker
Flex: 7/10
Stance: Setback 2.2cm
Core: Bamboo Surf Core
Fiberglass: Biax
Base: Sintered
Edge: Oversized Recycled Edges

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2019 Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher

The perfect board for the party boy who snowboards! The 2019 Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher is the perfect late season, soggy snow, surfer that is sure to turn heads on the hill and on the resort racks. A directional swallowtail shape, with a very wide waist width, compiled with Capita’s Party Profile makes for a deck that is as loose as it as stable. The Party Profile adds a flat camber zone from the tail to the front foot and adds a rockered shape in the nose for a surf-like feel. Capita added an Alloy Skid Plate on the tail of this beast for when the party rocking gets a little out of control and we say ‘when’ because it’s going to happen. Capita’s XXX(TRUDED) base is a high density extruded material that lets you spend more time on the hill and less time in the tune shop. The Capita Spring Break Slush Slasher  has a true “no parents, no rules” vibe for all your spring breakers out there. Spring break forever!

Shape: Directional
Profile: Party Profile (Rocker)
Flex: 4/10
Stance: Setback 5.5cm
Core: FSC Poplar Wood
Fiberglass: Biax
Base: Extruded
Edge: Standard Steel Edge

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2019 Rossignol XV Sushi LF

Whether you’re into seafood or not, this little piece of sushi is one that every rider can appreciate. The 2019 Rossignol XV Sushi LF Snowboard is designed for those devoted to ripping the bottomless powder like they would be surfing through the waves of the ocean. The Sushi’s directional shape and swallowtail give it a real powder riding feel while its Amptek Elite profile adds a camber bend in-between the rider’s feet while adding a stiffer rocker in the tip and tail for explosive pop and a surf-like feel. Rossignol’s L.I.T.E core mills the board in different zones to allow the board to be more lightweight in areas that do not affect the board’s durability or longevity. A 4400 sintered base allows you to keep good speed as long as you keep up with routine tunes.

Shape: Directional
Profile: Amptek Elite
Flex: 6/10
Stance: Setback 3.0cm
Core: Wood 5620
Fiberglass: Biax
Base: Sintered
Edge: RadCut

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2019 Lib Tech Doughboy Shredder

The 2019 Lib Tech Doughboy Shredder is Mike Olson’s original oversized pro model that features high performance and good times. Coming in one size of 195cm this big beast is a deck that is not for the new kids on the block. A directional twin shape allows this board to be forward thinking but has the capability of performing in the switch stance as well. Lib Tech’s Camber 3 profile is a camber dominant profile with small additives of rocker under the feet for a loose and playful ride. Lib Tech adds a Magne-Traction edge which acts like a serrated knife and has multiple contact points throughout the edge to have a stronger hold on hardpack and icy terrain. The Doughboy Shredder is as big as it is fun and this is definitely a deck you’ll want in your quiver this winter and for many seasons to come.

Shape: Directional Twin
Profile: Camber 3
Flex: 7/10
Stance: Centered
Core: 75% Aspen 25% Paulownia
Fiberglass: Triax/Biax
Base: Extruded TNT
Edge: Magne-Traction

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