When you’re land locked in Minnesota you’re forced to look for alternatives to surfing if you’re unable to make it out to the ocean. Many people have started to flock to wakesurfing for this reason, all you need is a surf boat, wakesurf board, and rope to be able to surf the endless wave all summer long. Its hard to navigate your way through the vast sea of wakesurf boards as a beginner but there are a couple things to look for when picking out your first board. For sizing each board should have a weight chart to let you know what size will work best. Usually the more thick and buoyant boards like the long boards will be stable and make it easy for beginners to get used to it. No matter what you choose you’ll have a blast on it, here we have a few hand picked boards that would be best suited for a beginner.


Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer

The Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurfer is one of the most buoyant surf constructed boards in their line up. Combine that with a full rail and forgiving soft bevel to help prevent edge gives this board the easy going feel that beginners will need. The strong buoyancy of this board is one of the things that makes it great for beginners. The more buoyant the board is will give the rider better stability and balance which will keep them up on their feet. This easy rider will have you surfing like a pro in no time.

Liquid Force El Guapo

Next up in the longboard category we have the Liquid Force El Guapo which would be a great choice for any beginner. The full bodied shape and beveled rails allow for easy effortless rides and the concave hull reduces drag and keeps the board up to speed. Extremely buoyant but yet still pretty light, this board would be great for any beginner looking to learn how to get up in the water and make some turns. Fully covered with Eva Foam on the top deck will help you to maintain traction so you’re not slipping all over the board. This board is a solid option for any beginner looking to learn how to ditch the rope and make some solid turns.


Lib Tech Ramp Series

We’ve got another longboard that will have you making soul carves in no time. It’s the Lib Tech Ramp Series made with a combination of Magnesium Fiber, Woven Basalt Fiber, Carbon Stringer, and a Hexzylon Fiber Foam Skin so you can guarantee this board will be durable and able to take some beginner abuse. This board has a 5 fin setup so you can play around with placement of different fins and find out what works best for you. I would recommend putting surf wax on the top deck to make the grip to the board better. Rocker in the nose will help to prevent edge catch and nose dives even for those beginner riders. Made with a wide waist width and plenty of buoyancy this board is guaranteed to get you out of the water and slashing turns like a pro in no time

Liquid Force Happy Pill

The Liquid Force Happy Pill is a Hybrid Surfer that takes bits and pieces from a longboard and a traditional surfer. Complete with a round shape, quad fin set up, and plenty of buoyancy to help any beginner get out of the water in no time. This board is constructed with an EPS Foam Core and hand laid glass which help to make it extremely forgiving for those beginner riders. Built with progression in mind this hybrid surfer is going to work with all ability levels and keep you pushing your riding each time you get in the water.  

Liquid Force Primo

Finally in our beginner line up we have the Liquid Force Primo Wakesurfer, this is a do-it-all hybrid skimboard built for enjoyment and progression. Made from a CNC’d EPS Foam Core combined with a compression molded outer shell help to make this board incredibly durable so it can handle abuse from a beginner all the way up to a seasoned pro. The 3 fin setup will allow beginners to have the option to try out different setups and figure out what fits their riding best, once you get used to riding you can try going finless because of the sharp rails this board has. This board will have you tossing buckets in no time.

Now that you are a little more educated on wakesurf boards, I hope this can help you narrow down your choices and pick the best wakesurf board that fits your needs.

Calvin G.

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About the Author:

My name is Calvin Green, I grew up in Houlton, WI. I started getting into skateboarding around 5 years old then when I finished kindergarten my parents bought me a skateboard. This was where my love for boards sparked. Snowboarding came pretty soon after that, I had seen it on TV and instantly knew I wanted to get into it. I Started on a board with plastic edges and bindings but after a season of riding that I begged my parents relentlessly into buying me a real snowboard. Finally the fall of 4th grade had come around and the badgering had paid off because my parents were game to get one. I Started taking lessons at Trollhaugen that winter and I instantly fell in love with it. I now work on the park crew at Trollhaugen and spend much of my winter riding there.

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