The 5 Best Skateboard Wheels: Our Top Picks

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There’s nothing like skateboarding! Whether you’re starting out or you’ve been skating for years, it can be a fun way to get some fresh air, test your balance, and try something new! Skateboard pros and beginners alike will want to be sure that they have a quality set of skateboard wheels to make the most of the experience! If you’re looking for something perfect for your board, keep reading to see our roundup of the best skateboard wheels for this season along with a few tips for picking out the best skateboard wheels for you!

What makes a great skateboard wheel?

When it comes to choosing the best skateboard wheels for you, there is a lot to keep in mind! You’ll want to be sure that you’re getting something that’s the proper size for your board and the style of riding you do. Larger wheels are better for those who are riding faster and will better absorb bumps in the road, while smaller wheels are suited for those who may ride slower or try more tricks. You’ll also want to keep in mind the durometer rating, which has to do with the softness of the wheel. The softer the wheel, the more it will absorb while harder wheels are easier to slide and pivot. Read more from this blog post on how to choose the best selection for you!

Best Skateboard Wheel Brands

If you’re not sure where to start in your search for the best skateboard wheels for you, you might want to check out some of these brands listed below. All of them create and carry durable, quality options that you can rely on for plenty of skate sessions to come:
  • Arbor Primarily known for their snowboards, Arbor also carries cruisers and longboards along with some of the best designs that are made out of the finest materials, created to give you a clean, smooth ride.
  • Blind Blind is a skateboard brand you can count on at whatever stage of skateboarding you find yourself. Their options reflect their priority of comfort, strength, and style.
  • Element Another brand that’s devoted solely to skating, Element has been around since 1992 and has plenty of solid options when it comes to skateboard wheels and other skateboarding gear.
  • Globe From surfing to skateboarding, Globe creates quality products, including skateboard wheels that are sure to last you years of use.
  • Primitive Primitive knows the ins and outs of skateboarding, so you can trust them to provide plenty of high-quality options when it comes to finding the best skateboard wheels for you.

5 Best Skateboard Wheels

Here is our roundup of the 5 best skateboard wheels!

1. Element Section Skateboard Wheels

These are a popular option because they’re a classic, well-rounded choice that is well suited for all types of riding and surfaces with their all-terrain urethane construction. They are on the smaller side at 52mm, but this makes them great for the skatepark and tackling new tricks!

2. Primitive Goku Rose Swirl Skateboard Wheels

These eye-catching picks will have you turning heads wherever you ride. At 54mm, they are a medium size, making them a versatile option for all types of skating. From the skatepark to the streets, these skateboard wheels are a great choice for all levels of skaters.

3. Arbor Easyrider Bogart 78A Skateboard Wheels

If you’re looking for a larger set that are perfect for your ride to school, work, or to the beach, these Arbor options will be your new favorite! They are 61mm and are both soft and lightweight, helping you commute anywhere with ease and confidence. They’re high quality, durable, and the golden amber color looks great with any board.

4. Blind OG Stacked Skateboard Wheels

Another solid option, these Blind wheels come in two sizes: 51mm and 53mm. They are smaller, making them perfect for the park and mastering new tricks. They offer a smooth ride and are designed with durability in mind so that they will hold up to just about anything. Plus, you can’t go wrong with the bright colors that give these wheels just a little something extra!

5. Globe Retro Flex Cruiser Skateboard Wheels

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best is this retro-style set by Globe. These are on the larger side at 58mm and are perfect for cruising, offering plenty of grip on a variety of surfaces! They are also fairly soft, absorbing any bumps along uneven streets. With different color options available, you can find something that looks great with your skate deck. Are you ready to ride? Be sure you check out our entire skate shop to find exactly what you need, from the latest skate decks to new skate shoes and more. (Don’t forget to grab a helmet and padding to stay safe.) See you at the skatepark!

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