To High Places by Narrow Roads. Since ‘95, The Arbor Collective has been a growing cooperative of designers, artists and friends, whose shared goal is building rideable and wearable things from the best stuff possible. From day one, it’s been good times, all day, every day, almost without fail. Along the way, we’ve managed to combine a little forward thinking design and old school craftsmanship, with a serious commitment to the environment.

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Size: 154cm, 156cm, 162cm
Size: 141cm, 144cm, 147cm, 150cm, 153cm

Size: 30.5
$63.95 $149.95 (57% Off)
Size: Small
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Size: 158cm (MW), 162cm (MW), 166cm (MW)
Size: 156cm, 158cm, 160cm, 162cm

Size: 29
$64.95 $119.95 (46% Off)
Size: 158cm, 162cm

Size: 157cm (MW), 161cm (MW)

Size: 150cm, 153cm, 155cm, 158cm

Size: 143cm, 147cm, 151cm, 155cm

Size: 153cm, 157cm, 159cm, 161cm, 165cm

Size: S/M
$10.95 $31.95 (66% Off)
Size: 148cm, 152cm, 155cm, 161cm

Size: Small
$41.95 $128.00 (67% Off)
Based out of Santa Barbara, Arbor Collective has been making snowboards, skateboards and clothing since 1995. The brand prides itself on crafting high quality and-hand crafted goods that exceed expectations. The best part of it all? Not only do they create high performance equipment, they do everything they can to be ecologically responsible. This means eliminating ecologically harmful materials from their manufacturing process so that future generations of skaters and snowboarders can have clean air and snow for years to come; something we all can get behind.

Using sustainable materials like bamboo, sustainable woods, and cork allow them to produce high performance durable products that reduce the impact on our environment. Arbor Collective even extends their environmental responsibility to their clothing line by using 100% organic cotton and Viscose from bamboo.

Aside from the high environmental and performance standards of Arbor Collective's products, they also work with phenomenal artists to create a unique style unlike any of their competitors. Working with top tier artists like Dave Kinsey and Iain Macarthur, Arbor Collective produces limited edition artist series decks, snowboards, and matching apparel that provides individuals everywhere a truly unique identity.

Their attention to quality, performance and style make them one of the best choices in the market today. To top it off, we all owe Mother Nature a favor. Arbor Collective is unquestionably one of the top brands in the scene today.


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