The Best Colorado Skateparks: Denver & More

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When you think of Denver, Colorado, your mind probably begins to imagine a beautiful skyline that rises up out of the prairie with a wall of glorious mountains behind it. Those beautiful mountains are what attracts so many to Denver, especially for the skiing and snowboarding opportunities that Colorado is famous for! 

As Denver (and the rest of Colorado for that matter) has blown up in population, a demand for being able to shred all year long has risen, with many skiers and snowboarders transitioning from the slopes to the skateparks during the summer. With a booming skate community, Denver certainly has seen a rise in the number in quality skateparks built in the last several years. Here are the top 5 you should definitely hit up when visiting Denver, CO!

Remember that before you head to the skatepark, to check over your gear and ensure everything is ready to go and in good condition. Your safety and the safety of others depends on it! Bring along the right equipment to protect yourself so that when you end up falling, you’ll be able to get right back up and keep going without injury. And always respect everyone at the skatepark by following the posted rules!

Downtown Denver Skatepark

Location: 2205 19th St. Denver, Colorado

Cost: Free

Hours: 5am-11pm

Best for: All levels of riders, bowls, stairs, rails

If you’re looking for a great all-around spot to skate, look no further than the Downtown Denver Skatepark. You can skate pretty much all day as this giant 60,000 square foot park has plenty of terrain to explore and experiment on. Late night skating is also possible here as there are plenty of lights that surround the park, giving riders plenty of visibility once the sun goes down. Whether you visit during the day or night makes no difference to the regulars here. The community is extremely welcoming and friendly to all newcomers!

Central Park Skatepark

Location: 9021 E 26th Ave. Denver, Colorado 

Cost: Free

Hours: 7am-10pm

Best for: Beginner to intermediate riders, small bowl, rails, stairs

At just 13 minutes east of the Downtown Denver Skatepark, you’ll find another high-quality spot to skate. The Central Park Skatepark is a small, but fun little area to practice your bowl riding skills. The park that surrounds the skating area is gorgeous and welcoming with plenty of areas to sit down for a break after tearing up the bowl! Keep an eye out for kids on scooters around 3pm, this spot can get a bit crowded once school lets out.

Curbside Skatepark (Indoor Skatepark)

Location: 3535 S Irving St. Sheridan, Colorado

Cost: $10 for 2 hours

Hours: Closed Mon, 10am-10pm Tues-Fri, 12pm-10pm Sat, 12pm-6pm Sun

Best for: Beginner to advanced, half pipe, stairs, rails

If you’re looking for an indoor experience like no other in the Denver area, look no further than Curbside Skatepark. The founders of Curbside saw a great opportunity to extend the skating season in Denver by buying up empty warehouse space just outside of Denver city limits and setting up a large facility for people to skate all year-long. If the traffic on I-70 isn’t worth the wait to get to the ski-hill in the winter, you can always spend a few hours at Curbside to satisfy that drive to ride! There’s also a super convenient punch card pass that you can purchase so that you can save money and time with each visit. And if you’re in need of some lessons, curbside offers a wide array of learning experiences from public to private lessons. Be sure to call ahead to reserve your spot!

Cornerstone Skatepark

Location: 6000 S Gallup St. Littleton, Colorado

Cost: Free

Hours: 6am-dusk

Best for: Beginner riders, rails, quarter pipes, small ramps

Cornerstone Skatepark is a great spot to check out with the kids! You’ll find plenty of easy ramps, rails, and quarter pipes for young and beginner skaters to practice on. During the summer, be careful of the time of day that you visit as a lot of the ramps are metal and can get pretty hot when exposed to temperatures above 70°F. But if that happens, grab the kids and go check out Pirates Cove Waterpark right next door to cool off when you’re done skating for the day!

Zeke M. Pierce Skatepark

Location: 395 E. Lionshead Cir. Vail, Colorado

Cost: Free

Hours: 6am-11pm

Best for: Intermediate to advanced riders, stairs, rails

One of the most tucked away skateparks on our list gives riders the opportunity to skate in one of the most beautiful locations in Colorado: Vail. Vail is widely known for its phenomenal skiing and snowboarding opportunities. However, there’s an awesome skatepark that is right inside of the main parking structure for Vail Village. You’ll find a long space to pick up plenty of speed to do long rail slides and stair jumps, which is why this skatepark is recommended to mostly intermediate and advanced riders. Keep an eye out for wildlife! While rare, moose have been known to wander into the parking structures in Vail.

Colorado is an amazing spot to put in some time at the skatepark. There are plenty of opportunities all over the state, but the heart of the skating community lies within the Denver metro area. There are plenty of skate shops all around as well, so if you find yourself in need of new parts or a helping hand to get your board 100% ready to ride, you won’t have trouble finding great help!

Where will you ride first? Let us know which skateparks you visited and how you liked each one in the comments below. And if you find another skatepark not mentioned on this list, we’d love to hear about it! 

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