Snowboard Edge Test – Ice Breakers

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Almost every board company advertises that their boards work on firm snow, hard-pack, and ice.  The House Boardshop decided to create a board test, called Ice Breakers, to determine which profile shapes and edge technology actually work on ice.  Who knew if the slalom and stop test would work?  No one.  There was a sense of panic when we realized that this test could be a total flop; all the companies involved could lose a piece of their market credibility, someone could die, and we’d be wasting our time.  What we found out surprised us…


Test Results

If your board’s edges are sharp (90º) it will ride on ice, no matter what edge technology the board has.  The board’s flex and profile shape plays a huge part on how well the edge will hold on ice depending on how fast you go, but over all if you have sharp edges you’ll be able to ride on firm snow, hard-pack and even ice.  Boards with fully detuned edges did no grip on ice very well.  If you are an all mountain rider who keeps your edges sharp, you’ll have an easy time cruising around on any type of conditions, but if you ride a board with fully detuned edges stay in the streets and anywhere that carving is not involved.

Boards Tested


Company Model Profile Shape Edge Technology
Arbor Coda True Rocker Grip Tech
Burton Custom Flying V Frostbite (Detuned)
Burton Process Flying V Frostbite
Burton Super Hero Flat Top Frostbite
Gnu Billy Goat C2BTX Magne Traction
Gnu Park Pickle BTX Magne Traction
Lib Tech Skate Banana BTX Mange Traction (Detuned)
Ride DH Camber Radial
Rome Postermania Rocker Camber Quickrip (Detuned)
Rossignol One Mag-Tek Amp-Tek All Mountain Rocker Magne Traction



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