Salomon XR Mission Review

Come ye road and trail runners, unite with the Salomon XR Mission!  This short to mid distance trail running shoe is designed for avid trail runners who may not live next to trails, but run on roads to get to them.  This versatile shoe, with many unique features, can pound the pavement and the dirt giving the XR Mission’s mission – door to trail.  This lightweight, comfortable, and responsive shoe is a true athlete’s dream come true.

The men’s XR Mission and the women’s XR Mission were designed  in collaboration with 2 time Olympic Marathoner and 6 time Moutain Running World Champion Jonathan Wyatt, yet were designed to be gender specific.  The women’s version of the Salomon XR Mission hiking shoes isn’t a smaller size of the men’s XR Mission, it was designed with similar components distinct to women’s needs.

The men’s Salomon XR Mission Hiking Shoes are the most well rounded training shoe I’ve ran in in the last decade.  I can wear it in the gym, glide through a 20K, and rip through the trails with comfort and confidence.  Not only that, but it looks cool and I’ll probably buy a second pair to wear around the office.”  says House employee Matt Gustafson.


 Salomon XR Mission Upper

The combination of the following features is almost unreal.  The XR Mission shoes are light, and is unbelievable to think that Salomon can pack so many features on it without having the shoe weigh 12 lbs.  One feature people often overlook is the gusseted tongue – it keeps dirt, mud, and basically all debris out of your shoe.


Kevlar fibers make the Quicklace what it is; strong and efficient.  With one pull you’ll have a snug fit.  After initial tightening, the section closest to the Quicklace pull cord will be tighter than the bottom, but after a short 50 yard jog the pressure equals throughout the shoe.

Lace Pocket

You’ll find, on the top of the tongue, a Lace Pocket to hide the Quicklace system.  There will be no more of that annoying tap of a lace on your foot.  It’s easy, simple, and brilliant.


Protective TPU Toe Cap

Never mind bothersome stumps, bumps, or roots – the Protective TPU Toe Cap is a shield of confidence at the forefront of your action.  It’s tough enough to kick a nail in an oak door without adding any major weight.



SensiFlex offers support and freedom near the medial and lateral knuckels of your foot.  The hexagon TPU material allows the farbric to expand and contract which drastically reduce the chance of bunions and offers unparalleled  comfort.  For the first time ever you’re foot won’t have to mold to your shoe, your shoe molds to your foot.


Sensifit reduces the amount of material slippage by wrapping overlays around you foot.  The firm hold keeps your foot where it needs to be, over the tread.


Friction Free Lace Eyelet

Never worry about going over and under or under and over again.  The Friction Free Lace Eyelets are breeze.




Salomon XR Mission Outsole

The wide cushioning of the Salomon XR Mission Outsole is quite remarkable.  The chevron Contagrip pattern assists your acceleration and breaking making the shoe handle like no other while the OS Tendon saves precious energy.

Non Marking Contagrip®

The cross road junction of durability and light weight ingredients are combined to make the Non Marking Contagrip outsole unbeatable.  The Contagrip LT is light weight and the traction pattern amplifies your skills on technical terrain.  Contagrip HA softens the harsh striking areas on rough trails and reduced outsole wear.

Contagrip LT

The Contagrip LT has grip like a mudding truck without the heavy rubber.  The soft light material reduces the XR Mission’s overall weight and increases traction.


Contagrip HA

The high abrasion areas of the heel and ball of the foot are the dedicated areas when the Contagrip HA is located.  This dependable material won’t wear away like common outsole material and it offers great support and impact resistance.



OS Tendon

When the Oversized Tendon (OS Tendon) flexes it quickly rebounds into it’s original position; saving you more energy than you can imagine.  The OS Tendon midsole integration acts like a tendon, making your strike more stable and powerful.


Salomon XR Mission Midsole

If there is two words that could sum up the Salomon XR Mission is would be…rugged cushioning.  The outsole makes for the first half of the sum were as the second half emerges from the midsole.  Salomon has branded the XR Mission as a short to mid distance running shoe, but with the shock absorbing midsole you’ll run longer and harder than ever before.

Light Weight Muscle

A witch’s brew of dragon tears, leprechaun hair, and blueberry Jelly Belly filling make the Light Weight Muscle (LT) possible.  Actually it’s just 2 different EVA composites, but it’s just as magical.

Molded EVA

That’s right, the EVA is molded.  Molded to be the most effective cushioning midsole thus far in the Salomon line.


Compressed EVA 

Salomon has put this EVA to the test, compressed it, and designed it to take a beating so you won’t have to.



XR Mission Sockliner


Your feet will stay cool throughout your whole run because of the moisture wicking Ortholite Sockliner.  You’ll receive unconditional love from the EVA heel cup, just like from your parents.




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About the Author:

What does it feel like to love life? From what Guf says, it's amazing. Guf got involved with The House in 2000 as an endorsed athlete and while going through college he slung boards in the shop. Though his profession is in content market strategies a driving passion of his is on the snow. Over the last 18 years he's been able to travel the world and work with talented athletes while coaching the National Sport Center's Community Olympic Development Program, USASA All American Team, USSA Project Gold and Jr. National Team, USDSSA Team, Windells Academy, Vision Elite Snowboard Team, and Thrash Camp. Providing an opportunity to help other achieve their utmost is the personal mission and reason Guf and his wife started the non-profit Vision Elite Sports and Thrash Camp in 2013; training organizations that assist snowboards in skill development. Somehow he still finds additional time to volunteer with the USSA, USASA, and USSCEC as a Level 300 Coach Clinician. For seven years Guf has grown within the marketing department and finds his success in significance. He enjoys the challenges that multiple roles bring on a daily basis. As a Content Strategist and Brand Ambassador he has an unparalleled ability to synchronize and integrate strategic campaigns across marketing channels, implement key account partnerships to enhance the customer journey, and strengthens SEO through unique content generation by way of story building, product testing, and athlete management. Guf understands what motivates people, leads with passion, and has a raw zeal for a life worth living. He believes in his colleagues, supports his customers, and loves the lifestyle and products he promotes.


  1. Adrienne Haenny May 29, 2012 at 5:02 pm - Reply

    HELP, HELP, My 85 year old female friend has purchased the Salomon Ortholite XR Mission/Sensi Flex Performance Product Neutral Trail Comfort shoe. I want to purchase the same pair. HERE IS OUR PROBLEM!!!! MY FRIEND AND I CAN NOT LOOSEN THE SHOE STRINGS IN ORDER TO REMOVE THE SHOES FROM MY FRIENDS FEET. YES WE CAN TIGHTEN THEM, BUT DO NOT HAVE THE STRENGTH IN OUR FINGERS OR HANDS TO LOOSEN THE STRING. IN FACT WE CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHERE TO PUSH AND IF WE USED PLIERS, WOULD WE BREACK THE HOLDER. WE NEED HELP TO FIGURE THIS OUT. AT 5 AM, who wants to be worried after a 3 mile walk, to struggle to get out of a pair of shoes. She thinks these are the best shoes she has worn. She walks 2 to 3 miles every day, that is why she is in good health and keeps getting better every year. Way to go!!!!! Thanks for the help and which web site can these be ordered. She ordered them out of a catalog, but doesn’t know which one, probably threw it away. Thanks agan Adrienne

    • gufrocks June 1, 2012 at 11:58 am - Reply

      We wish we could have seen your comment sooner & hope you got the shoes off! The lace lock lever seems to be a little stiff; you will have to first push down firm enough to hold the lace lock and secondly forcefully pull back. You’ll have to use more force pulling back than pushing the lace lock down.

      We made a visual for you for extra assistance. Best of luck in the future.

      Lace Lock Release Visual

  2. Linda Ching-Ikiri December 17, 2012 at 2:53 pm - Reply

    Glad I found your website…just bought a pair of XR Mission shoes and had the same problem. My cousin said her pair has a locking system that depresses easily. Is this a new “technology.”

  3. gufrocks December 17, 2012 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    This lace locking system technology is fairly new to the shoe industry, however it has been in snowboarding for a few decades!

  4. Mebbie January 20, 2013 at 8:04 pm - Reply

    I am considering these shoes but need them to be waterproof. I was told they are, but in looking for reviews on websites no one seems to mention this… are they really waterproof?? Thank you.

    • gufrocks January 22, 2013 at 4:24 pm - Reply

      They have a little water resistance to them, but are by no means waterproof.

  5. Christina May 21, 2014 at 7:16 am - Reply

    I have had surgery on both my feet and regularly suffer from foot problems . Exercise (running) is usually not an option for me because of my delicate feet. I discovered Salomon shoes and bought a pair. I wore them a few times on small outdoor runs and had no issues. The amazing thing is that I wore them during the Spartan Super (8+ miles, 20+ obstacles) without training, and the next day my feet felt amazing!!!!! These shoes were made for me! Thank you!!!!

    • gufrocks May 21, 2014 at 10:06 am - Reply

      I’m glad the XR Missions are treating you right!

  6. Jenny Hensley June 15, 2015 at 7:12 pm - Reply

    I really need help releasing the quicklace..did a tough mudder this weekend and had only wore them once beforehand..someone had to pullthem off..which part do we press to release..the top or bottom (closest to shoe) to release it

    • gufrocks September 24, 2015 at 12:20 pm - Reply

      The lace lock lever seems to be a little stiff; you will have to first push down firm enough to hold the lace lock and secondly forcefully pull back. You’ll have to use more force pulling back than pushing the lace lock down.

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