Ronix Koal Wake Surf Board Review

By Published On: April 19th, 20110 Comments

Parks Bonifay is a professional wake boarder and part owner in Ronix Wakeboards. Here we have a 4′ 6″ Koal from 2011. Ronix wake surfers are actually made in our own factory in-house. It is actually a real surfboard foam as opposed to a wake surfer that was made out of a wake board foam. It sits deeper and it is a lot more compressed. It is a lot more vibrant, a lot more life, and a lot more buoyant. It actually has a wood string up through the center, real glass hook, and is constructed like any surf board that you have ever seen or ridden and it has the same feel on the water. For 2011, the Ronix Koal comes in three sizes. It comes in a 4′ 6″, a 5′ 0″, and a 5′ 6″. I feel those are the sizes that best fit the size of the wakes so we tried to scale them down to where they would really fit with the transition of what most wake surf wakes are now today. For the fins, we’ve got a tri-fin thruster and the tail is optional. Yesterday I actually rode it with only the two side fins so it gives you more of a looser feel if you feel that you want that. If you want more of a grippier feel, you can have three fins. It has a fish tail which also makes it sit deeper in the back giving you more of a looser feel. It’s good if you’ve got bad knees. If it’s rough it is good to just have fun if you want to throw some buckets around. So, get on a Koal and get down.



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