Liquid Force Wakeboards, Wakeboard Bindings, Accessories, Wakeskates, Wake Surf Boards, Hoodies, Rashguards, BoardshortsThe Liquid Force Shane is the fourth pro model developed here at Liquid Force with Shane Bonifay. From a ripping grom to two-time rail rider of the year, Shane’s always been a leader in both pushing the sport and board styles as well as graphic styles. Shane’s new pro model features unique bottom contours, combined with great graphics. Shane’s board starts with a progressive three-stage rocker, the straighter arc through the middle for speed, accelerated arc through the tail for increased lift and a higher trajectory off the wake. His board has low-volume rails, which makes it set deeper, makes it set quicker, makes the board turn quicker on edge. Something that Shane ahs liked in all his boards has been a catch-free area through the middle. You’ll notice there’s no edge channels on this board, so ti makes this board hang-up free on rails. Shane’s board features the double inside single concave through the middle, to displace the water, make the water flow clean and uninterrupted, but to help the board land softer. Now what’s unique in Shane’s shape is this double concave, flows into a triple concave, and this triple concave gives you a focused sweet spot. That sweet spot is right behind the back of your back foot, so it gives this board the unreal ollie pop that Shane really wants in his shape. If you notice, placed on either side of this center concave, is a set of fins, molded-in fins. Shane’s board flows into a quad-fin setup. The outside fins are deep, cup-side fins, giving you superior hold with minimal drag and clean water flow. These inside fins act as extensions of that center concave, concentrating that water flow and accelerating the water through the tip of the board, to give the board increased speed. Combined with an original graphic, from one of Shane’s buddies, this board comes in three sizes: a 134, 138 and 142.

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