Hyperlite Wakeboards: Strata Mounting System

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Wakeboarding has come a long way in the past few years. Closed toe boots with Boa, butter boards for rails and jibbing, carbon stringers for added pop and the list goes on and on. This Year Hyperlite stepped things up again and is offering two of their top model boards (Marek Nova, Murray Nova) with the Strata Mounting System.  The Strata System is very similar to Burton Snowboards Channel System in that it gives you unlimited stance options, and on the fly adjustments without having to take the boot off the board. This is by no doubt the ultimate in rider to board to water feeling out there in the industry to date.

Strata Mounting System

Infinite stance options and micro adjustment –For years wakeboards have limited riders to choose their stance in 1” increments. The new Strata system completely shatters these limitations.  A rider can now chose any point on the Strata’s 13” axis to secure their boot, allowing for the ultimate in customized set-up’s.

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Strongest possible bond –Because of the Strata systems full fiberglass housing it creates the ultimate laminate bond. This means the highest insert pull strength in the industry.

Added board performance –An added benefit created by the Strata Mounting System is the reinforcement it creates underfoot. The aluminum track extrusion creates a spine like effect and helps to maintain the boards rocker line off the wake for maximum pop.
Added durability and board life – The added structural integrity created by the Strata System keeps a board from fatiguing as quickly as traditional constructions creating better, longer lasting products.

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