What are hydrofoils? How do they work? What are they used for? These are some typical questions that come up when discussing this revolutionary technology. Hydrofoils or foils, have been around for quite a while but are just recently having a big impact on water-based board sports. Foils are used as a lifting mechanism utilizing hydrodynamics. This technology can be frequently found on high-end boats and ships meant for cargo or passenger transportation. A water sports hydrofoil is designed slightly different but ultimately accomplishes the same thing. A foil meant for board sports consists of a mounting structure on top, a mast that can come in many different lengths, along with a thin, wing-like surface at the bottom. A foil can be attached to the underside of a variety of boards, used in different sports. As the object with the hydrofoil generates speed, the foil creates lift and raises the board up and out of the water. This greatly reduces drag and water friction, giving the rider a flying like sensation. A hydrofoil converts all water board sports into an incredibly smooth, fast, and overall more efficient experience.  Hydrofoils have recently emerged in water action sports and are becoming incorporated into many different disciplines worldwide.


The use of foils in recreational water sports has only grown and continues to expand since it was invented. What was once a bumpy and nauseating ride has turned into a smooth and peaceful cruise. Hydrofoils have been combined with sailboats, surfboards, stand up paddle boards, windsurf boards, wakesurfers, kiteboards,  hydro chairs, kayaks, and hydro bikes. In addition to a couple extra feet and pounds of metal under your feet, it completely changes how the board rides and reacts to your movements. The slightest shift in your stance could send you up in the air with the mast slicing cleanly through the water. The first thing you will notice when you pop a board up with a foil attached is how smooth and fast the ride is. Foil boards carve differently than boards without foils, forcing riders to re-learn how to turn and manipulate a board. The importance of balance is significantly heightened when using a foil.This is what makes foiling a challenging yet exhilarating learning experience. You will be forced to re-learn how to ride a board with a foil, making for a thrilling time while developing a new skill.

One downside to hydrofoils is that they must be used in relatively deep water. Weeds and rocks found in shallows can affect hydrofoils’ performance and can prevent the foil from creating lift. One of the most noted benefits of foils is that it can be ridden behind any towable watercraft, wake boat, pontoon, or even jet ski. Foils don’t need much speed to generate lift, allowing you to ride at slower and safer speeds. This makes them extremely convenient for people who don’t have access to the best and newest wakeboard boats. Recreational hydrofoiling gives something that most people have never felt before, gliding effortlessly through the water.

Current Brands

Since foil products are still relatively new, there is a limited amount of brands that manufacture and sell recreational hydrofoil products. Slingshot and Liquid Force are well-known companies that are working hard to make hydro foiling more popular. Liquid Force has teamed up pro athlete Austin Keen and designed his very own pro model foil wakesurfer bringing attention and turning heads towards foiling. Slingshot has created foil compatible products with kiting, wakesurfing, windsurf, sup, and surf that are amazing riders all around the world. Other brands like Naish, Lift Foils, and Neil Pryde have also developed their own signature foil products. Hydrofoils are a very dynamic market and have proved to be in very high demand.

Our Product

The House Outdoor Gear is currently selling the Slingshot Hover Glide Foil Wake package. This bundle consists of the WF1 foil board, 24” mast, 15” mast, H5 front and back wings, and all mounting hardware needed to get you up and flying. The Hover Glide package is the perfect bundle for a smooth and breathtaking introduction into the world of foiling. Best described as a user-friendly towing foil, the Hover Glide’s unique mounting system can take a variety of different length masts. When first learning, a shorter mast will allow you to develop and progress your foiling skills. As your foiling skills advance, you can move to longer and more challenging masts. Since your ride on top of the water with a foil, the Hover Glide is the perfect board to use on days when the water is too choppy, the winds are too strong, or any other condition that is less than ideal. The Hover Glide works best at low to medium speeds to create the desired lift and give you that amazing feeling of flying under your feet. With the ability to be easily attached and disassembled, the Hover Glide makes for smart and simple storage. You can view the Slingshot Hover Glide foil package [HERE] and begin your wondrous journey into foiling.

Hydrofoils are heavily transforming how people ride and view various board sports. Foils have been around for around for a while, but just recently are being used in recreational water sports. Foils produce lift through hydrodynamics and allow riders to float and glide above the water with very little restraint from the surface. Hydrofoiling is an appealing experience for people of all ages along with being family friendly. Riders are given a brand new challenge and flying element that will expand your skills and keep you having a blast on the water this summer!

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