Summertime is almost here, which means it’s time to take a look at your wardrobe and make sure that you have all of the clothing pieces you need to stay comfortable in warmer temps! Shorts are definitely a necessity when it comes to any summer outdoor activity, but what if you’re not sure what you’re going to be doing? After all, a pair of denim shorts might be comfortable for a walk around town, but what if your friends decide to go for a hike or boat ride afterwards? If you’re looking for a pair of shorts that is versatile, comfortable, and looks great, you’ll want to check out one of the top trends of the summer: hybrid shorts.

What are hybrid shorts?

Hybrid shorts are essentially a cross between regular shorts and boardshorts. They look like your typical pair of everyday shorts (some of them feature belt loops, zippered flies, and other elements that a pair of casual shorts would have). However, they are designed with blended materials that are either waterproof or water resistant. This makes them easier to move in and a great option for any activity under the sun! Because they are designed for activity, hybrid shorts are durable and hold up to plenty of use, so you can plan on wearing them year after year!

Benefits of Hybrid Shorts

There are a lot of reasons why hybrid shorts are the best choice for summer and warm weather wearing. The first is that they are versatile. Since they look like regular shorts, you can wear them while out without looking like you’re wearing activewear or boardshorts. However, they can still do everything that a pair of boardshorts can! They are designed with stretchy material that will allow you to move freely with full range of motion. No more worrying about ripping your shorts! They are also breathable and will keep you from overheating in hot temperatures.

In addition to them being versatile, hybrid shorts will keep you protected from the elements. Since they’re water resistant and quick drying, they will help you stay dry if you get wet. Have you ever worn a regular pair while kayaking or paddleboarding and quickly regretted it after getting wet and feeling damp for hours afterwards? This is not a problem with hybrid shorts! Some pairs also offer sun protection to keep you safe from the harmful rays if you’re outside for long periods of time.

Another reason to add hybrid shorts to your wardrobe is that they are great for travel. They are a top choice when it comes to packing your bags to head out on your next trip. Because they are so versatile, they are something you can wear all day, from hiking to stopping at a restaurant for dinner. Because you can wear them through anything, you won’t have to pack as much clothing, meaning you can pack lighter or make more room for packing other things. This makes them the perfect choice for adding to your summer camping list if you’re looking for ways to make more space and take less gear with you.

One more reason why you should consider hybrid shorts is that many pairs have adequate pocket space. This makes it easy to keep your phone, keys, and other items on hand while you’re on the trails or the lake. Some pairs also have pockets that are secured with a button or zipper to keep your items safe and prevent them from falling out during activity.

How to Style

So, what’s the best way to style hybrid shorts? Any way you’d like! The options are endless. If you’re starting your day on your paddleboard or on the trails, pair these shorts with a performance shirt or a breathable T-shirt that’s perfect for activity. When it’s time to meet up with your friends for dinner, toss on a polo to dress it up. After the sun sets, throw on a hoodie to stay warm as you hang out by the bonfire. There are so many ways to wear hybrid shorts, so whatever your style, you can wear them and feel like your best self!

We carry hybrid shorts from top brands such as Volcom and Dakine that are durable and designed with quality in mind. We also carry a variety of styles, from neutrals to bright colors, so you can find something you love! Grab something that suits your style and fits you comfortably so that you can enjoy your next trip and every summer adventure that comes your way!

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