So you wanna be a Skater, well y’all gon learn how to kickflip today. Before we get started, I would recommend getting your ollies down and also pop shuv-its to achieve the feel of catching the board with your feet. Once you have these down, then it’s time to start flipping kickflips.

Step One: Foot Placement

You should place your front foot right behind the front bolts and slightly angled out, your back foot should assume the typical ollie stance and perch on the tail. Don’t lean too far back or forward and keep your shoulders in line with the board.

Step Two: POP

Bend your knees and snap that tail to the ground with your back foot while still keeping your weight centered over your board, just like you would if you were doing a traditional ollie.

Step Three: Flick

Well, now you got your board to pop in the air that’s a start but next, you’ll need to flick with the front foot. Flick your foot off the board at an angle, towards the front pocket, then give it a light flick with the ankle right before you leave the board

Step Four: Catch

So once you flick the board, you’re going to wait for it to flip all the way around, then once you see grip tape, catch it with your back foot, then place your front foot on once it’s been caught.

Step Five: Put down the landing gear

Now that you have both feet back on the board, you’re going to want to get ready to land. Once your wheels touch the ground bend your knees and be sure to keep your weight centered over the board

Step Six: Ride away

Keep those hands down and ride away because you just landed a kickflip. From here there are many variations you can take the kickflip to, just be sure to get it down and mastered before moving on.


Calvin G.

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About the Author:

My name is Calvin Green, I grew up in Houlton, WI. I started getting into skateboarding around 5 years old then when I finished kindergarten my parents bought me a skateboard. This was where my love for boards sparked. Snowboarding came pretty soon after that, I had seen it on TV and instantly knew I wanted to get into it. I Started on a board with plastic edges and bindings but after a season of riding that I begged my parents relentlessly into buying me a real snowboard. Finally the fall of 4th grade had come around and the badgering had paid off because my parents were game to get one. I Started taking lessons at Trollhaugen that winter and I instantly fell in love with it. I now work on the park crew at Trollhaugen and spend much of my winter riding there.

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