The 2011 Byerly Monarch. The Byerly Monarch has been one of the strongest selling boards we’ve ever had. This thing’s a great shape and super user friendly and versatile for riders of all abilities. The reason why I like the Monarch so much is because not only does it have sick graphics but it rides unbelievably. Butch has done an amazing job on this with every part of the board, even the placement of the fins and everything. It’s got a nice three stage rocker that keeps the board nice and fast and it still pops off the wake really nicely. It has a fin option so it can have a center fin giving you a little more traction with it. It’s got a really wide profile that has really good pop off the wave. The Byerly Monarch has a super fast rocker line to it. It’s got a very mellow three stage rocker, two nice channels that run off the tip and tail, and real small molded in-beams. Nice wide profile; this board’s amazing. It has the highest volume of any of our boards in the Byerly line which gives it maximum pop. I’ve ridden the Assault and the Conspiracy, but each year I seem to go back to the Monarch. I love how consistent and subtle the three stage rocker is. I love the release of the fin set-up. It has been the most proven board for me and it fits my riding style the best. Also this board has an all new Byerly double lap construction. It has double the glass that wrap the perimeter top to bottom; gives you a super strong reinforced sidewall. It also has extra glass patches over the beams, super slick bottom, and super rail friendly. It’s one of the best boards out there. The Monarch is available in 56, 54, and 52 inch models. This is the board that I’ve been riding for the past few years now. This is also the board that I won my last World Title on. It’s an all around great board that’s super durable and that’s why I ride the Byerly Monarch. The Byerly Monarch has a whole new price point with the Byerly Verdict Wakeboard Bindings.

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