Bikepacking with a Fat Bike Infographic

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Looking for more of an off-road challenge for your hardy fat bike? Try bikepacking, simply backpacking with a bike. Although bike touring has been around for a while, bikepacking is relatively new on the bike scene. But with a fat bike, the routes can be as challenging as a snowy Iditarod Trail. Part of the challenge, and appeal, of this growing sport is the planning—what to pack, how to pack, and where to go. You need to think lightweight. But there is a science to it — everything needs to have a purpose and be compact.

Here is a simple infographic to get your wheels turning on your fat bike adventure.

Bikepacking with a Fat Bike

Bikepacking with a Fat Bike Infographic – An infographic by the team at The-House

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  1. […] to opt into using a fat bike instead. This trail is commonly covered in snow until around July. As seen in this infographic, fat bikes are great for handling snowy conditions at the Colorado […]

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