Fat bikes for sale from The House bike shop! Our fat tire bikes feature significantly wider tires and forks that give you a stronger grip when riding over muddy trails, snowy roads, and loose terrain and provides extra comfort over rocks, bumps, and ruts. We carry all the brands you know and trust including Framed, Fuji, and SE so you can be confident that you’re riding the best of the best fat tire mountain bike out there. We also have men’s and women’s fat bikes available so you can find the right bike for you. Each of these bikes is made using either a steel alloy frame for maximum strength, aluminum frames for a lightweight ride or carbon frames for a reliable combination of both. Perfect for cruising off-road or in the snow, The House’s selection of fat tire bicycles are sure to get you where you need to be.
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Once upon a time, guys and gals took their bikes up dirt trails, down rocky hills, and over smoothly-paved roads. Though when snow, ice, sand and other loose terrain reared its head, the bikes were put away. Unlike regular wimpy bikes, fat bikes laugh at the elements! Iced road? No problem. Able to go from road to snow without slipping a tread, these bikes and their impressive wheel size dominate the type of terrain that regular bikes hide from. That includes sand, loose dirt, and probably even those blue fish tank pebbles. Held in place with fatter forks, these bikes are to regular bikes what Hummers are to 1988 Joe Isuzu-sponsored SUVs. In a word: Better. A fat bike operates just like a normal mountain bike. Yes, it still has brakes. Hey, it even has gears and an adjustable seat! Go figure! The difference is in the wheels. You can take this bike practically anywhere you want to go so there's no more moping around if the weather doesn't cooperate. Put on your poncho and hit the road rolling. A fat bike can handle it.

As a premium bike shop we have been supporting the biking community with the best prices, best service, and the best selection on bikes and other biking gear. The-House.com warehouses are filled with equipment for immediate delivery. To help you on your way, some of our most popular bike categories are mountain bikes, road bikes, bike helmets, and bike clothing. .


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