When you are new to wakeboarding, it is easy to over or underestimate the importance of the wakeboard itself in your riding experience. To underestimate its importance, you may think all wakeboards are essentially the same when in reality they are designed for all styles and levels of riders, including beginners. On the other hand, if you have done a bit of research, do not overestimate the importance of the design, in other words, do not overcomplicate it!

The best wakeboards for beginners are designed to make it easier to learn. They are not meant specifically for parks, extra pop, or tricks, while they can still be used for this. Finding the best wakeboard that is targeted toward beginners will help you gain confidence and find a love for the sport, instead of getting frustrated.

Thrill-seekers, water lovers, and board sport enthusiasts, welcome to your new favorite hobby! We are here to help you find the best beginner-oriented wakeboard to help you get started.

Shopping for Beginner Wakeboards

When choosing the best wakeboard for a beginner, one of the most important things you need to look for is the right wakeboard length. As a beginner, having the right size wakeboard will affect your overall experience. Check out our wakeboard sizing chart and buyers guide for more information. 

Another important aspect of a beginner-oriented wakeboard is the rocker type. Continuous or easy-going 3 stage rocker boards will provide riders that are newer to the sport with confidence, without being too aggressive, or difficult to manipulate. If you have a choice, continuous will be best for beginners. 

While browsing, look for a wakeboard option that has a longer, therefore deeper, fin. Most often, beginner styles will have longer fins and more advanced options will have shorter fins. 

For beginners, it is also important to note that more expensive does not necessarily mean better. Often pricier wakeboards are designed for experienced or advanced riders, not for beginners. 

When it comes to Ronix, our favorite beginner wakeboards for men are the Vault, one of the most popular options, and the Spring Break, a great beginner option if you are still learning, but are hoping to ultimately ride park. In the Ronix lineup, for women, the Ronix Krush is an all-around favorite for new female riders.

Another fan favorite, Hyperlite wakeboards, makes solid entry level designs for men, including the State 2.0 which can be purchased in a variety of binding packages, and the beginner Franchise set-up. For women, the Hyperlite Venice delivers performance and some of the coolest designs in the sport, the Eden is another great entry-level option.

Available just as the board or in a package with beginner bindings, the Trip from Liquid Force has a continuous rocker for smooth rides time after time. For women, the Liquid Force Angel is one of our favorite beginner wakeboards in the lineup, continuous rocker is the perfect profile for learning, and the added performance elements mean you will not outgrow this pick as you improve your skills.

A great deal and a legendary board, the Valhalla from O’Brien is a popular beginner choice for a reason! Offering an option for both men and kids, the Valhalla boasts easy-going beveled edges, a feather core, and a progressive rocker, making learning a breeze. If you are having a hard time on friend’s wakeboards and do not have experience snowboarding, skiing, or skateboarding, going with this easy-going pick is a must!

Beginners and Wakeboarding: Manage Your Expectations

When you are new, just like with anything, it is important to begin with the right mindset! There is a learning curve and milestones in the journey of wakeboarding, it may not come easily on day one. But if you keep at it, it is sure to be a sport you will love!

To help manage your expectations, watch some tutorials and videos on how to properly fall, what ropes to use, and how to best grip onto the handle. The more information and tips you have, the better. You never know what single tip can boost your confidence while riding!

Another thing to remember, no matter how confident a swimmer or rider you consider yourself, always invest in a wakeboarding vest or life vest for men, women, or kids. Not only will you feel safe, but you will also have the added element of protection to help you feel more comfortable with speed, tricks, and overall riding.

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