ASYMBOL Gallery is Live!!

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The Asymbol gallery is finally up and running. Be sure to check it out. Here you can order prints from some of the most respected and greatest photographers and artists to embrace the action sports.  The prints will be offered in limited addition runs and will change up often. They are using the highest quality paper and printing methods found today, and are offering the prints in multiple sizes to fit everyone’s budget. Be sure to check out the amazing perspectives viewer with some well known characters. Here’s a statement from their site on how the gallery became –

“In the universe that is professional snowboarding, Travis Rice is one of the brightest shining stars. This company was born out of Travis’ inability to understand why it is that so many of the people who have taken the photos and painted the pictures that have inspired all of us over the years are not living the bling-bling, MTV Cribs good life, with their pieces occupying choice wall spaces in the domiciles of fine-art and outdoor-living appreciators worldwide. His own frustrated search to find such images to adorn the interior of his personal home led him to the conclusion that some sort of bridge needed to be built to connect the highly respected image makers in our world with the people who want to own their work, but have never had a way to do so before. Asymbol is that bridge.”

List of current Photog’s

Jeff Curtes, Danny Zapalac, Ari Marcopoulos, Trent Mitchell, Tim Zimmerman, Mike Blabac

List of current Artist’s

Mike Parillo, Jamie Lynn, Matt French, Scott Lenhardt, Nick Russian, Adam Haynes

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  1. kater January 28, 2010 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    Asymbol is amazing. There are so many prints I want to get…. And I found one of yours I like too Paul.

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