Shaun Murray here, I’m going to talk to you about my 2011 wakeboard. Greg Nelson and I have been shaping boards for a long time, I think I’m at board number 15 with Hyperlite and over the years, I’ve really gotten to spend time figuring out what I like, what I don’t like. Hyperlite is really good about translating that into these shapes. Greg and I have been hands on together working on this thing, and we got some really great features out of this Board. Something that I think about when I’m designing a board is, I want something that’s going to work for somebody who gets on a board for the first time, and I want to be able to grab that board off the shelf and go ride it at a tour stop. So it’s something, really, for everybody. Some of those basic things that I’m looking for; I want a board that has a good edge when you want it to but releases when you want it to. You’re also looking for big snappy pop. Something that we did new with this board; We’ve got three-stage rocker, which I’ve kind of stayed away from for all these years. But we didn’t go with a flat spot. We actually kept the board continuous in between the feet, so you don’t really have to sacrifice the landing, still soft landings, big air. The thing that I really like about this board is, sometimes I want to bust big into the flats, and sometimes I feel like going wake to wake. Other times, I want to stay on the surface of the water and butter the wake, do some slides. So this thing really hits a lot of areas, and I’m super happy with how this worked out. My board comes in two sizes, you can get it in the 137 and a 142, Both come in a Nova and a Bio-lite core. The Nova core is the only one that you’re going to find the Strata Track on.

Strata Track has a aluminum track where you have infinite amount of possibilities where you can adjust your stance. The nice thing about that is, I’ve really been able to dial in exactly where I want my stance as far as the width is concerned. I can really get just where I want to. I literally go out onto the boat, just gone out for a moment and said, “OK, that doesn’t feel quite right.” I go onto the boat, loosen it, just slide my foot the smallest amount, and then I go out and I can dial it in exactly where I feel comfortable with it. I’m not pinned down to the inserts of where they say you should ride. That’s great about the Stratotrack. The Bio-lite, also another great, snappy core. They’ve really got the formula figured out on that one to give you a light yet strong board that’s going to last you, and is a little bit more affordable.

Now, you know I like to have a good time, I’m a fun guy and I like to be goofy. So I figured I wanted to share some of the crazy things that I’ve got going in my life or just goofy videos, or even info, if you guys want to ask. If you look at the tail of all 2011 Hyperlite Murray Wakeboards you will find Microsoft tag. A Microsoft tag is something that you can upload to a smartphone, or download it. You just want to load it onto your phone. You scan this little bar-code that Microsoft came up with, and it’ll take you straight to the link that I post a different video to each week. Right now, I’ve just got some goofy stuff on there. So all you’ve got to do is, you’ll scan it, check it each week and see what I’ve got going on, goofy stuff.

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