Bubble Gum Crew

Bubble Gum Crew  The Bubble Gum Crew is a collection of female snowboarders that love snowboarding, bubble gum, and being with each other.  It all started with a blog and snowballed into something much greater.  Juggling school and work this wild crew still finds time to enjoy each other’s company while riding and of course, blowing bubbles.

There isn’t a membership fee to join the Bubble Gum Crew; only a small list of requirements and one initiation test.  First off you have to be female and secondly you need to chew Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape® when you ride.  The membership skill test is hard – you need the ability to blow a bubble the size of your own head.

Bubble Gum Crew

The greatest part of being a Bubble Gum Crew member is the camaraderie.  No one has dared to leave the Bubble Gum Crew.  Doing so hurts.  If someone happens to leave a wave of termination would follow on their blog, Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Instagram.  No one would ever imagine leaving.  The bond these girls have is stronger than lock tight binding hardware and they’re not getting loose.

The girls compete every once and a while but mostly ride for fun.  It seams that that brands, governing bodies, and event organizers aren’t paying enough attention to women’s snowboarding.  Why is prize money lower for women?  Why do women’s heats usually drop last in rail jam?  Women ride just has hard as men, put their lives at risk, and are on snow the same amount of time.  Everything should even out.  Luckily there are groups like the Bubble Gum Crew doing their best to make women’s snowboarding better.

Hannah Lord Gettin' DownHolding down turf at Hyland comes with a price.  The House of 1817 is the Bubble Gum Crew’s only rival.  Instead of fighting they slap high fives, do trains through the park, and party together.  Wells Fargo Bank actually denied a Bubble Gum Crew check card design because they though it was a gang sign.  The only weapons these girls carry are smiles and attitudes of complete stokedness.

The Bubble Gum Crew has stayed true to their mission – ride together and chew gum.  It’s that simple.  If you’re a girl and have friends that ride, start a girls only snowboard crew.  Have it revolve around snowboarding and another common interest.  The snowboard world needs more girls that thrash together, push each other, and do more than sit on the top of the park.  Someday if you’re lucky enough your crew could be cool as the Bubble Gum Crew.

Bubble Gum Crew Members

Hannah LordHannah Lord
There is always someone that’s having more fun than you, usually it’s Hannah Lord.  This witty firecracker will keep laugh longer than you can stand and push you off a box if you get in her way.


Gabi RolstadGabi Rolstad
This girl is beyond sarcastic.  If you don’t get it, you never will.  She’s all laughs until she hits the snow, from then on it’s all business.  Gabi’s a snow gansta’.


Laura SchaeferLaura Schaefer
You wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Laura holds the world’s fastest speed on a snowboard if you ever saw her ride.  She rides fast and presses hard – a true killer.


Bubble Gum Crew’s Social Feed

Tumblr:  Bubble Gum Crew


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