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Laura Schaefer

Bubble Gum CrewWhat does Hurley Fashion Design Intern Laura Schaefer do for fun?  It’s simple, she snowboards as often as possible, usually with the Bubble Gum Crew.  Laura holds her life together tighter than she holds grabs.  Somehow she manages to ride, be present at every snowboard video premiere/party, and attend school full time.

There are two types of snowboarders; those who “ride”, the kind that sit in the chalet all day, and then there’s those who RIDE.  Laura is a RIDER, she pushes hard and rides fast.  It’s almost impossible to keep up with her with a follow cam.  She’s the girl that’s only in the chalet to lace up her boots and that’s why she’s fearless in the park.

Laura - Bubble Gum Crew


Laura Schaefer’s Snowboard Gear

Beanie:  Neff
Goggle:  Sabre Easy Rider
Jacket:  Cappel
Gloves:  Celtek
Pants:  Roxy
Boots:  32 – Thirtytwo
Bindings:  Rome
Board:  Capita Saturnia
Gum:  Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape®

Laura Schaefer’s Social Feeds

Twitter: @LsEllen
Instagram: @lauraschaefer
Tumblr:  Bubble Gum Crew & laura.ellen.schaefer

More Bubble Gum Crew Members

Gabi RolstadGabi Rolstad
Gabi feeds the fuel the Bubble Gum Crew burns.  She rode over +100 days last season, thrashed an unthinkable amount of park laps, and chewed her way through 18.5 rolls of Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape®.


Hannah LordHannah Lord
What would you do if you loved snowboarding and bubble gum?  Well, Hannah and the girls started their own crew that revolve around both.  Girls, gum, and snowboarding will always be a great mix.


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