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Gabi Rolstad

Bubble Gum CrewGabi Rolstad is the badass of the Bubble Gum Crew.  Even though she can’t blow a bubble the size of her head she’s still part of the most feared girls snowboarding crew in all the land.

Gabi isn’t afraid to express her opinion about the state of women’s snowboarding.  She knows how to have fun and rips like a saw blade through a sheet of rotten ply wood.  If you see a girl snapping Back 3’s off  jibs at Hyland, it’s probably Gabi.

Gabi - Bubble Gum Crew

Gabi Rolstad’s Snowboard Gear

Beanie:  Ralph Lauren
Goggle:  Electric EG2 Goggles
Jacket:  Holden
Gloves:  Rome
Pants:  Holden
Boots:  32 – Thirtytwo
Bindings:  Rome
Board:  Rome Detail
Gum:  Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape®

Gabi Rolstad’s Social Feeds

Twitter: @gabirolstad
Instagram: @gabriellerolstad
Tumblr:  Bubble Gum Crew

More Bubble Gum Crew Members

Hannah LordHannah Lord
Hannah is the Bubble Gum Crew’s bubble blowing mob boss.  Not only does she hold the world in the palm of her hand, she also hold’s Hyland Hills’ record for largest bubble blown on the towrope.


Laura SchaeferLaura Schaefer
Known to sing Pour Some Sugar On Me on a whim Laura does much more than that, she rides hard and loves it.  You can catch her ripping through Hyland on any given day; actually you probably wont, she rides pretty fast.




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