Burton's Shrinkage Boot Technology Explained

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If you ride boots bigger than size 10, you are typically limited to boards with wider waists to avoid toe drag. Burton has reached the point where many of its boots’ footprint is now a full size smaller. For example, a size 10.5 now has the profile of a 9.5, and you can fit into a medium versus large binding. For riders on the edge of needing wide boards, this opens up a whole new set of options.

Burton achieves this lower profile by removing any gaps between the liner and shell, and custom molding every liner to the shells at the factory for a glove-like 1-to-1 fit. They are also using thinner, more resilient materials in the toe and heel of the boot to reduce overall boot volume. The result is a lighter, more nimble boot that doesn’t waist unnecessary space, like Burton’s Imperial.

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