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100% Rider Owned 100% Focus on Bindings

Everyone at Union Binding Company is 100% binding focused. Union is 100% owned by snowboarders, for snowboarders, and is devoted 100% to making the best bindings in the world. They all live, eat and breath bindings. Everything Union does is in-house. There’s absolutely no outsourcing; from the sketches, to computer drafting, prototyping, tooling, injection, assembling, testing, shipping, sales, and customer service. Union bindings were founded on the idea to provide snowboarders with the best fitting, highest performance, and most durable bindings in the biz.

They build bindings for snowboarders who ride hard, thrash their gear, and still expect it to survive. For 7 years now, Union has been pushing the limits of bindings technology and we cant wait to see what they come up with next. So whether you are riding a pair of Union Force or Union Contact Pro’s you can rest assured the you are getting a high quality binding built by snowboarders for snowboarders just like you.

[box]“They all live, eat and breath snowboarding. Actually, I was over in Seattle and everyone was eating bindings for lunch, it was odd!”[/box]

Union True Fit

TrueFit features make Union unique and can only be found on Union Bindings

Minimal Contact give Union bindings a 19% footprint on any board offering unmatched true board flex & uncompromising strength.

True Board Flex is created with Union’s minimal contact giving the board a free range of motion, optimal torsional/lateral/longitudinal/horizontal flex, precise response, and exact control capabilities.

Fiberglass Index in Union Bindings was designed with the thoughts that larger/heavy riders have larger feet and need a stiffer baseplate were as smaller/light riders have smaller feet and need a softer flexing baseplate.

Dampening Anti-Vibration EVA bushings absorb and dampen negative vibrations that cause fatigue making you ride for a shorter period.  Lift tickets are breaking the triple digit mark and who wants to spend $55 worth of time in the chalet?

Single EVA padded bindings have a durometer ratings between 55 and 65 offering a consistent impact absorption area.

Dual Zone EVA padded bindings have a denser EVA pad that lies directly underneath your boot’s outsole, and beneath that is a softer EVA padding.

Multiple Zone EVA padded bindings have three independent EVA zones and a 65 durometer fullbed.  In the heel area a 45 durometer EVA pad absorbs impact landing shock, in the medial heel area the 40 durometer EVA pad lets you binding slightly roll towards the boards center to assist in trick tweakage, and the 50 durometer EVA pad in lateral heel area gives the bindings a ridge feel to keep you centered and upright when pressing or landing 23′ frontside airs.

Metafuse Nanotech Heelcups are ultra stiff and exclusive to Union.  These heelcups are the strongest and lightest in the market.  The nanocrystal coating is space technology used satellites!

Extruded & Anodized Aluminum Union uses in their heelcups gains 30% more strength through a multiple chemical bath anodizing process that removes contaminants and oils commonly found in aluminum.  Negatively charge anions in the electrolytic cell combine with oxygen in the anions with aluminum to form aluminum oxide.  Whoa.

Asymmetrical/Symmetrical Highbacks have a symmetrical shape but an asymmetrical flex.  The medial top corner (toward the center of the board) is a bit stiffer than the lateral top corner (toward the nose or tail) which is softer.  The highback offers tweakable freedom and after-bang support.  Union Bindings are highly tweakable and allow you the support you need when you need it.

Multizone Highbacks injected with DuPont Zytel St nylon resin offer 3 flex zones where you need it most…flex on top and strength on bottom.



Strap Technology is pushed to the limits with creative creations by Union Bindings called TrueFit.  The comfortable 3-D contour ankle strap is a 100+er’s dream, and the multi-postion toe strap can be worn classically across the top or across the toe of your boot.


Compatible Disks can be used on any traditional 4×4 or 3 hole pattern and boards that feature the channel system.  Union Bindings can be mounted on virtually any snowboard in the world.  *Remind yourself of T-Bolting…


Adjustments are better with Union Bindings.  Compatible disks slots can be set to your preference.  Disks slots can be set parallel with the board’s edge to adjust your stance width or set perpendicular with the board’s edge to center your bindings and reduce tow and heel drag.  To further minimize toe and heel drag Union Binding’s heelcups and toe ramps can be adjusted toward or away from the center of the binding allowing you to grow through multiple boots without having to buy new bindings.

If you’re a stail tweaker, corduroy thrasher, or hesh jibber Union offers bindings built uniquely for you.  Support snowboard product by snowboarders for snowboarders and go ride!

Lifetime Warranty

All Union Binding baseplates and heelcups have a lifetime warrantee.  The DuPont Zytel ST nylon resin baseplates and the extruded/anodized heel cups offer a lot of strength, safety, durability and of course, security.  If you break or crack the baseplates or heelcups Union will replace them for life, guaranteed.  Union burst into the market 7 years ago, during their first year they had zero warranties come back! Union continues to increase their innovations in technology and make some of the best bindings in the world!


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