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Stand up paddle boarding evolved form the Polynesians and migrated to the Hawaiian Islands thousands of years ago.  Recently regaining popularity, Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) can now be found all over the world – from the lakes and rivers of the Midwest, to the furthest reaches of Australia and New Zealand.

In the 1960’s, modern paddle boarding was first introduced by the Waikiki Beach Boys as Duke Kahanamoku and Rabbit Kekai, along with a  few others, would use long boards and paddles to get out to the surf.  As surfboards became lighter, smaller, and faster, the use of SUPs nearly disappeared. Thankfully, paddle boarding was re-introduced by surfing Instructors who wanted to keep an eye on their students and big wave riders who wanted to stay in shape when they were not dropping into 50 foot waves.

Stand Up Paddle Boarding Is A Great Workout

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is fun as well as a great full body workout and SUPs are used as a cross-training tool by athletes around the world because stand up paddling works just about every muscle in your body. It is estimated that by paddleboarding for one hour, a male can burn anywhere from 800-1000 calories while females burn between 500-700 calories per hour. When compared with the 500-700 calories burned by men and 300-500 calories burned by women while running on a treadmill (not to mention the fun factor… honestly, would you rather be out on the water and in the sun,or plodding away inside on a machine?), its no wonder why Stand Up Paddle boarding has become so popular.

Another reason for the rise in popularity of stand up paddleboarding is that, unlike surfing, paddleboarding is very easy to learn. Within one hour you can become very comfortable in the water and on your board. Did we mention that stand up paddleboarding is most popular with women? Very often women of all ages are much more skilled at Paddleboarding than men. Basically, if you don’t have a SUP yet, pick one up and go take a lesson – you wont be disappointed.

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