Stand Up Paddle Board Types

Stand Up Paddle Boarding  has been gaining  in popularity in recent years, but the real question at hand is what the right sup for you. A touring Sup? A Surf Style SUP? A all around SUP?  Each type of SUP is best suited for a different style of paddle boarding. Most people will fall into the most versatile type of Stand Up Paddle Boards – the all around stand up paddle board category. The all around SUP’s are are typicality longer, wider and thicker. The increase in length, thickness and wider profile make for boards more stable and forgiving.  Perfect both intermediate and beginners riders looking to surf small wave, do yoga, or just paddle around the lake.


When selecting paddle boards it is good idea to pick a board that is around 11 feet long and 30+ inches wide. The longer and wider a paddle board is the more stable it will be.  More often then not people start out on a SUP that is too small. This can make learning difficult and disheartening. When in doubt it is always a good idea to get a board that is longer and thicke. If you have a question about choosing the right Stand Up Paddle Board please call out sale department at 1 (866) 243-6932.

Types Of Stand Up Paddle Boards

All Around Stand Up Paddleboards

  • Thicker
  • Wider
  • Longer
  • Stable
  • Good for both small surf and flat water.

Surf Style Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • More Rocker
  • Shorter
  • Rounded Rail
  • More Maneuverable

Race and Touring Stand Up Paddle Boards

  • Less Rocker
  • Displacement Hull Shape
  • Faster and Smoother through choppy water
  • Some offer Piercing nose

Hybrid Windsurfing/ Stand Up Paddle board


  • Similar to all  around SUP shapes
  • Thicker
  • Wider
  • Longer
  • Stable
  • Mast Track
  • Dagger Board



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