Stand Up Paddle Board Repair


Stand Up Paddle Board Repair

Dings and cracks come with the paddle board territory for novices and experts alike. Stand up paddle (SUP) boards are pretty durable, but sometimes a deep ding is inevitable, especially on a windy day. While many dings are simply cosmetic, others are not. If you can see beyond the fiberglass layer inside the board, the board should not get wet as it will damage the center core.

Your brand new car is bound to get a scratch or two as well. It’s all relative and fortunately, the majority of SUP dings and cracks are easy to repair yourself. Depending on the damage size, we’ve outlined some tried and true DIY methods and supplies to repair your board. It’s always a good idea to bring a small repair kit when you’re hitting the water. Small repairs can be made on shore, so you can get back out paddling in no time. Check it out…

Clear Ding Tape
A clear adhesive tape specifically for board dings, clear ding tape is designed to seal up small cracks only. It’s easy to use and not messy at all. Just dry and clean the cracked area. Then, seal the tape over the crack making sure there are no air bubbles. Let it sit for at least 15 minutes in the sun before heading back in the water.



Quick Fix 
For a quick and dirty way to get back on the water, you can repair your board on the spot. Well, you’ll need to bring it back to land first! Put one to two pea size amounts of Quick Fix in the ding. Quick Fix is a pure resin, with no fiberglass pieces mixed in. This makes it extremely easy to manipulate and shape into the ding. Then cover with clear packaging tape making sure there are no air bubbles. After 15 minutes, removing packaging tape gel should create really good “quick fix!” Your board is now ready to get back on water. It is advisable at the end of the season, however, to have your ding professionally repaired if you choose the quick fix method.

Marine-Tex Epoxy
For larger dings, Marine-Tex Epoxy does wonders. It’s a malleable epoxy putty available from most hardware, auto or marine stores that adheres to the surface like no other. First use a razor or knife to cut away any lose or hanging glass. If necessary, you can even enlarge the gouge a bit allowing more room for the epoxy to fill the hole. Mix five parts epoxy resin to one part hardener. Fill the hole, let harden and smooth with a rasp file. Then, sand with wet sand paper for further smoothing.

Paint Touch Ups for Repairs
You can certainly add some color to your repair once it’s complete. Auto touch up paint that comes with a small brush inside works extremely well. Nail polish will work for bit, but can chip off over time.


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  3. George on said:

    Where do i buy ding tape

  4. Gail on said:

    How do you repair the bounce technology?

  5. Dana on said:

    That is a great question…. I will talk with the surf tech rep and find out.

  6. I’m not a big fan of Ding tape… But when I am in a pinch and need a quick repair I like to use ding dough or Aquamend.

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