Santa Cruz PBC PBR Cold One Pintail Cruzer

The Santa Cruz and Pabst Blue Ribbon (PBR) collaboration might be the best thing in the universe. Pabst Brewing Company of Milwaukee, WI intends for it’s products to be purchased and enjoyed by people of legal purchase age, but not this one!

Inlaid Bottle Opener

The Santa Cruz PBC PBR Cold One Pintail Cruzer rides like a dream and makes onlookers drunk with envy.  Glide with style on the Bullet B120 Cutback trucks, 68mm Road Rider “Eights” wheels, and clear grip tape the classic PBR logo metallic ink logo flows through.  Be the first on your block to cruise with grace on this 9.9″x43.5″ beauty!  When you’re done thrashing, flip the board over and pry off a cap of PBR with the inlaid bottle opener.  Remember to ride this board with the same amount of pride you fly Old Glory with. s


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