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2011 Rossignol Cobra Snowboard Bindings

Rossignol Snowboards, Snowboard Boots, Bindings, Skis, Ski Boots, BindingsThe Rossignol Cobra snowboard binding are lean and mean, and it also comes in a V1 and V2 option. This is the V2, medium-large size color option; the V1 is the small-medium with the little bit darker color way. The HCX18 baseplate is made out of 18% fiberglass and the rest is pretty much nylon. The adjustable aluminum heel cup can be moved backward or forward depending on your boot size. The footbed is an Impact 3-zone footbed with EVA padding on both the toe pad, the heel and of course, the mid section. The highback is the I-Back Light highback. It’s made out of anti-shock nylon and has full EVA padding from the top to the bottom.

The 3D HSFi straps are anatomical; they’re infinite good. The 3D shape is molded around boots, so they’re not a weird flat shape. They’re a little bit thinner in the center and a little bit thicker on the outside. The adjustable toe strap can be worn on the front or on top of your foot, depending on your preferences. And, they are completely tool-free and adjustable. The die cast aluminum buckles can be easily adjusted for a tight or loose fit, depending what you like to do. And there is a tool-less adjustable forward lean. This is the Rossignol Cobra mean machine!


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