Rider Bio: Viktor Simco

Viktor Simco

It takes a lot to be Viktor Simco.  Imagine growing up as a skate kid in Texas and then moving to Minnesota.  Seeing snow for the first time and feeling an air temperature below 50° must have been shocking, but Viktor handled it well.  He took his skate skills and transitioned (no pun intended) it right into snowboarding.  Where do you think all of his style comes from?

Yeah Vik!

Viktor Simco Does It Right – Photo by Sean Kerrick Sullivan

For the last 13 seasons Viktor has called a few resorts home; Mont Du Lac, Spirit Mountain, Hyland Hills, and Trollhaugen.  Viktor can pretty much be found anywhere with a toe rope.  His skate style has landed him on the Rome Amary team, it’s a well deserved position and he’ll only keep going to up from here.  Putting time in with film crews Think Thank, Rome Snowboards, and Bald E-Gal Viktor has been around the block and back.


Up in the air...!

Viktor Simco Droppin’ Big – Photo by Sean Kerrick Sullivan

Being inspired by Andrew Reynold and Bjorn Leines, Viktor has found the true meaning of style and individuality.  His Father and Grandfather taught him to think about more than himself.  After Viktor’s Grandfather was diagnosed Alzheimer’s and he decided to fight back.  Three seasons ago Viktor start a contest called Ollies for Alheimer’s.  It’s a high ollie contest that gives all contest proceeds to the Alzheimer’s Association.

The furture is looking bright for Viktor.  He’s continuing to pursue filming with Think Thank, Airblaster Clothing, Rome Snowboards, and Bald E-Gal.  If he ever decides to take time off the snow Viktor will probably be in Brazil sipping strawberry Daiquiris with a grip of babes.

Viktor Simco's Complete Seet Up

Viktor Simco’s Complete Set Up

1.  Dye – T1 Goggles
2.  House of 1817 – Yuck Mouth Beanie
3.  Airblaster – Freedom Snowboard Jacket
4.  Rome – Old No. 51 Snowboard Mittens
5.  Airblaster – Freedom Snowboard Pants
6. Rome – Folsom Snowboard Boots
7. Rome – 390 Boss Snowboard Bindings
8. Rome – Reverb Rocker Snowboard

Viktor Simco’s Snowboard Set Up

Viktor Simco’s Airblaster Freedom Jacket

Viktor Simco’s Airblaster Freedom Pants


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