Rider Bio: Ryan Paul

Ryan Paul – The Snowboarder

Upside down and inside out is the imaginative creativity of Ryan Paul.  A rider who does what he wants and lives life by his own terms can best describe RP.  Ryan has a canny knack for riding in ways no one else dreams of; hence the Backside Nollie Frontflip Backside 180 Out on a Down Bar Donkey at the West Coast Invitational at Mammoth in 201o that awarded him $10,000.

Long before instant world fame the WCI brought Ryan, he was riding harder than anyone else.  Learning the love at Afton Alps Ryan has constantly been pushing boundaries of riding and style since he started (speaking of style have you seen his Switchback Bindings Pro Colorway?).  The 2012/2013 season has already started off great for RP – he landed in 3rd place at the Downtown Throwdown collecting a cool $2,000.

Although Ryan has won tons of cash riding he doesn’t do it for the money.  He rides because he loves it.  Sure, winning money helps with travel expenses and all of his sponsor contribute, but I’m pretty sure if he was flat broke and riding 7 year old gear Ryan would still be hiking stairs and doing laps everyday.

Ryan Paul’s Complete Set Up

1.  Giro – Station Goggles
2.  Coal – Soma Beanie
3.  686 – Factor Snowboard Jacket
4.  686 – Horizon Mittens
5.  686 – Raw Snowboard Pants
6.  Thirtytwo – Lashed Snowboard Boots
7.  Switchback – Ryan Paul Pro Model Snowboard Bindings
8.  Zion – Zany Earth Ryan Paul Pro Model
9.  Zany Earth – Zany Pouch

Ryan Paul’s Snowboard Set Up

Ryan Paul’s Switchback Bindings


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