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Joe sign ever single Stepchild Joe Sexton Snowboard we had in stock.

When the news broke out that Joe Sexton was stopping by the shop everyone’s faces lit up like it was Christmas morning. The interns were peaking between clothes racks and from under tables just to get a glimpse of the home town hero.  With a travel schedule that would make any Fortune 500 exec envious, he still found time to to stop by to shoot a couple of vids.

The House blasted Facebook saying that Joe Sexton was stopping by; immediately questions started flying in, and there were chat requests (actually demands) wanting to know when he’d be here.  Joe has stocker issues.  Arriving 10 minutes early sporting some fresh Asbury shades and a Pressed Carmel Apple Mocha Berry Iced Americano Latte Joe was ready to shake hands, autograph all his in-stock pro model boards, shoot, and do what he does best, be himself.

Joe started riding with a neighborhood kid he didn’t care much for.  From his first day on snow until now, Joe’s mind has been completely consumed by thoughts and dreams of snowboarding.  Growing up,  Joe’s parents gave him and his twin brother Dan the opportunity to try every sport know to man – eventually Dan chose hockey (Anaheim Ducks) and Joe chose snowboarding.  He didn’t plan steps to succeed in snowboarding, he focused on having fun and enjoying the ride.

Close knit friends from The House of 1817 and Scott from Cal Surf have always supported Joe to the fullest.  Imagine growing up with kids like Marben, the Michilots, and Jake O.E…yeah, you’re bound to get really good.  In 2010 Stepchild Snowboards produced Joe’s first pro model snowboard and this year they’re doing it again.  The 2011 Stepchild Joe Sexton Snowboard was actually the staff top tips a week back…  32 Boots also released signature Joe Sexton item, a special colorway for the 86 FT boot.  By the looks of Joe’s current path, it won’t be the last pro models you’ll see with his name on them.

The greatest thing about Joe being here, was right before he sat down to shoot the vids, he wanted to check and see if anyone else sent in Facebook questions.  “If someone makes an effort to ask me a question, I want to make sure to answer it.”  said Joe.  If you support Joe, you support a good moral stand.  Joe Sexton will continue to make industry breaking video parts and products, so keep note of this guy and the wake he’s leaving.


1. Stepchild Snowboards – Joe Sexton Pro Model

2. Thirty Two Boots – 86 FT Sexton Green



Joe Sexton’s Sponsors:

Snowboards: Stepchild

Footwear: 32 & Etnies

Bindings: Union

Eyewear: Ashbury

Mountain: Bear Mountain

Wax: Magical Go-Go

Shop: Cal Surf



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