2011 Ride VXN Binding Review

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Ladies and gentlemen, Ladies… this is the Ride VXN Snowboard Binding. It’s lady specific. It has a lot of great features on it. This is the Wedgie system; it’s a 1.5 Wedgie. This actually aligns your ankles and your knees together for a little bit of more comfort and the ultra light ratchets work great. The thin grip toe strap, the toe strap that can go on the front of your foot or it can go on the top of your foot. What I like most about it actually is that is has a little bit of flex in it so it’s very, very comfortable. Also on all the straps we have quick releases you won’t need a tool if you need to make adjustments on the hill. A toolless forward lean adjustment, which is great and the classic chassis system that Ride has always had. This is spacecraft aluminum right here. You cannot flex this. This does not bend. Ladies and gentlemen, the Ride VXN women-specific Snowboard binding in royal, fully padded and super comfortable .


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