Ride ill Eagle Contraband Bindings

2012 Ride ill Eagle Contraband Binding

The chassis of course, is going to be the aluminum Contraband chassis. It is lightweight, slightly flexible, and it has Ride Wedgie 2.5 canted footbed. The canted footbed will allow your ankle, knees, and hips to align for a better feel and better ride all day long. The FreeFlex high-back, is going to be flexible on top and get a little bit stiffer on the bottom. It will allow movements both laterally and medially.

Ride Balance Core ankle strap is 3D EVA molded. They removed a lot of material on the inside of that, that you’ll see and it does have the V-Grip V-strap. So a while ago, when Ride first introduced the Contraband binding, had the V-strap, but it didn’t have the V-Grip. Now, it’s gripping material that keeps your toes down and your heel back in the heel cup of this binding. The V-strap is fully adjustable. If you need to out forward or sideways, you can adjust it to fit whatever kind of boots you have.

The straps are great because they’re tool-lessly adjustable; so if you need to center the strap on your boot, you can do that (snap), with no tools. The one ultra-light ratchet saves a lot of weight. It’s really quick, really easy to get into and really easy to get out of. The highback also has a tool-less adjustment forward lean. This is the Ride ill Eagle Contraband Binding, especially for the guy or girl that wants to save a lot of time strapping in.

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