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Dave McCaul here at The House, talking about one of my favorite rider’s Am snowboard. It’s Eero Ettala, this dude is a very, very sick rider. It’s been on Nitro for many, many years, pretty much since it came up. The Nitro Eero Am snowboard is such a popular pro model they decided to give them a slightly downgraded AM construction. The main benefit here is it’s going to be a little bit more affordable to the kids that are running laps through the park.

What you’re looking at in this one, it’s got the level one core. Still with Nitro it’s a very, very light weight, very snappy, very durable core. Nitro boards do feature a two-year warranty which is nice. Most companies out there are still rocking the one-year, so it’s nice to have that extra protection. Although with the Nitro stuff, I never see it come back in warranty; they’re very well made snowboards.

You’ve got almost a true twin, slightly directional. This one you can pretty easily rock it twinned out if you just go on centimeter in the back. From there you’ve got a mellow side cut, nothing too aggressive like a pro model can sometimes be. You’ve got an extruded base which is definitely going to be very easy to maintain. It doesn’t require quite as much waxing. There’s just a really nice graphic on this one, really good clarity to the P-Tex that they used. Other than that, it’s just a really, really simple, no frills entry to intermediate all mountain snowboard that also is definitely going to slay it in the park or on rails, stuff like that. The Nitro Eero Am snowboard, check it out.



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