Nitro snowboards has a long history of producing quality snowboards, boots and binding. Born in 1990, Nitro may have just reached legal drinking age, but their company has an established track record of producing quality snowboard gear for men and women. Nitro has innovative designs like their three piece binding, Rail Killers edges and the first asymmetrical twin tip board on the market. By combining their cutting edge design with top quality materials, Nitro ensures that your gear is made to last. You can't go wrong with anything Nitro.

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Size: Medium (7-10.5), Large (11-14)
149.95 $149.95
Size: Medium (7-10.5)
$183.95 183.95 $229.95 (20% Off)

Size: 142cm
$258.95 258.95 $429.95 (40% Off)
Size: 159cm
$423.95 423.95 $529.95 (20% Off)

Size: 152cm, 155cm, 158cm, 162cm
$239.95 239.95 $299.95 (20% Off)
Size: 146cm, 149cm, 152cm, 155cm
$319.95 319.95 $399.95 (20% Off)

Size: 162cm
$415.95 415.95 $519.95 (20% Off)
Size: 155cm, 158cm
$439.95 439.95 $549.95 (20% Off)

Size: 151cm, 155cm, 157cm, 158cm
$503.95 503.95 $629.95 (20% Off)
Size: 156cm (W), 159cm (W), 163cm (W), 165cm (W)
$239.95 239.95 $299.95 (20% Off)

Size: 153cm
$423.95 423.95 $529.95 (20% Off)

It's time to get amped up and crazy with Nitro. The men and women at Nitro are experts in the game and know what you like. Since 1990, Nitro has been a pioneer in riding and technology. Whether it's the extra meat on their rail killer snowboard edges, the personalized snowboard cambers, the joint-sparring dampening systems, or the ice-dominating ice-trek boot grips, Nitro is prepared to take you to the next level in terms of snowboarding innovations.

As if their technologies weren't enough, Nitro has been catering to all types of riders. Whether you're still on tote path, hitting the green circles, heading into the backwoods, or throwing backflips in the terrain park, Nitro will available to service your ride, upgrade your gear, or give you some riding tips. There's a reason why Nitro is so popular. It's time to jump on the lift and check out the exhilarating products that Nitro has to offer.