Then new for this season is Philip Soven’s fourth promo with Liquid Force S4 Wakeboard. It’s the Liquid Force S4 wakeboard. And this takes all his years of riding so many different shapes with Liquid Force, from just a little grom riding an LF Evo 128, to hopping on the Nemesis in a 131, then moving up to the PS3 in a 137, and now Philip’s wakeboard of choice is his new S4 138.
Now what Philip needed was a predictable wakeboard but a high performance wakeboard. We start off with progressive three-stage rocker. Now this gives the wakeboard an even higher trajectory than our hybrid three-stage rocker. Through the midbody, Philip’s incorporated the double-inside single-concave so it’ll displace that water and give the wakeboard a softer landing. He has an edge channel for solid tracking and a crisp, variable-edge rail, so he has a little bit of forgiveness through the middle, but getting really crisp as you move through the back third of the wakeboard, to give the wakeboard precise tracking.
As we move to the end of the wakeboard, what I call this design is a quad concave V-hole. This double concave through the center moves into a quad concave placed between two quad fins. The outside fin is a deep molded inside fin and it’s a cutaway fin. What that means is that you get the benefit of a long-based fin, but you get the option of the cutaway, which makes the wakeboard release off the wakes just a little bit quicker, a little bit sooner. Placed between the center concaves are two little blades.
Now what this does is it acts as a channel extension and controls the waterflow and gives the wakeboard a little bit more control and hold. Right through the middle is this V-slot. The V-slot’s designed to detach the water flow across the middle of the wakeboard right at the tip to allow the wakeboard to continue its acceleration and have no slowing down.
Philip’s Liquid Force S4 wakeboard also has a lower volume rail to help it set quicker and sooner and edge harder. The S4 comes in three sizes: a 134, a 138, and a 142. And don’t forget, the S4 comes in two special models: The Limited, which incorporates our slider base, and the Fly, which incorporates our hybrid core to give you a 30% lighter version of the S4.



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